1/30/2020 – Welcome To The Thunderdome….

It was a beautiful brisk January morning for 9 PAX to convene for a solid mid-week workout. Captain Crunch, Archive, Noodles, Dove Tail, Gummi Bear, Hotbox, Ship Lap, and TBTF were in attendance.

WoR: We started with Motivators (x7), Windmills (x15), and a moderate pace job where we ran forward, side shuffle right, backpeddled, and side shuffled left until we got to the swimming pool parking lot were we proceeded to the “Thang”

The Thang: The Thang which shall be called “The Thunderdome” in leiu of me being able to think of a better name for it consisted of the PAX forming a large circle on one end of the parking lot. We did a round of 7 exercises (Burpees x10, Ground Zero Jumps x 25, Merkins x25, Squats x25, Mountain Climbers x25, Lunges x25, Side Shuffle Hops x100) as fast as possible. The first PAX done with any of the exercises in the routine counted to 10 while doing jump knee tucks. At the count of 10 all PAX stopped the current exercise to move to the next in the round. After working through all 7 exercises the PAX ran to the other side of the parking lot to do 20 Imperial Walkers and slow jogged back to the “Thunderdome”. We did this 4 times to get to approximatly 1,000 reps total in about 30 minutes. It was an impressive showing by all!! We then jogged back to the flag intermittently switching from standard jog to side shuffle right to back peddle to side shuffle left.

CoT: I waited a few days to post so I am not sure I remember everyones prayer requests but we are praying for Dove Tail’s successful completion of his final Architecture exam, positive willpower around food for Noodles (and really all of us as that is a struggle for me as well), Our families and Ms who make so much possible, and the group in general who drive each other to become a HIM.