2.20.20 – 4 the Month You Love to Hate

A homage to one of my very first Q. “4-Elements”. Intensified the exercises since there is no new blood! 8 loyal PAX had held it down. “No man left behind, But leave no man where you find him.” Made some rep references to 2.2.20 & 2.14.20.


Motivators x 10 – the count immediately threw off Gummi Bear. Long enough count to still receive those HIMs riding in hot.

Abe Vigodas x 15

Mosey to first bridge – Moseyed together as a group.

Thang 1 – Groundhog’s Day – 2.2.20 = 24s – Felt like Bill Murray on this one. Different Exercises, same Crawl. 4 Bridges/stations throughout the park. Reach each bridge and perform the rep count. Bear Crawl across and hold squat position for 6.

Bridge #1 – Burpees x 24 Bear Crawl across the bridge

Bridge #2 – Squats x 24 – Bear Crawl across the bridge

Bridge #3 – ATMs x 1 Round (24) – Bear Crawl across bridge

Bridge #4 – Bear Crawl across last bridge – Grab a coupon – Bent Over Rows x 24 and sprint to Hoffa to hold for the 6.

Thang 2 – Valentine’s Day – 2.14.20 = 36s

Sprint #1 – American Hammers – 36

Sprint #2 – Watch TV – 36 Mississippi

Sprint #3 – Flutter Kicks – 36

Sprint #4 – Gas Pumps – 36

MoM: Arm Circles, Raise the Roof, Supermans – Q calls Hault

CoN: Dove Tail, Ship Lap, TBTF, Katniss, Captain Crunch, Hot Box, Gummi Bear, Noodles QIC

CoT: Gummi Bear – Prayers for his Brother and start of new business. Prayers for his family’s acquaintance and foster care situation. TBTF – Prayers for their family dog so that God brings comfort and tranquility to his family as they cope with dog’s life limiting condition.

Moleskin: I’m always looking for ways to push myself and my F3 Brethren to the limit. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to lead a great group of HIMs. I always seek to do better and try my hardest to make a statement when it’s my turn to Q. Thank you for always challenging me!