Dropping BOMBS on the AO

It was a beautiful day at the AO as 7 PAX joined for a full body beat down. I was NOT the first to arrive today. I rolled in 5 minutes before the workout (to my surprise the same time as @Gummi Bear) thanks to an impromptu restroom run. When I did arrive I drove into the parking lot to @Dove_tail stretching, and @Banks and @f3captcrunch wearing their @Hotbox best. @Hotbox and @archive showed up promptly, ready to get after it. @TBTF stayed in the Fart sack this morning and boy did he miss out.

Warm-O-Rama: Motivators x 7, stretch what you need to for 2 minutes.

Thang 1 : F3 BOMBS on the hill. The kicker – Alternating running forward 1 rep and backwards the next. BOMBS consisted of 50 Burpees, 100 OH Press, 150 Merkins, 200 BBSU, 250 Squats. It was a good full body workout and worked out all the lactic acid from Monday’s Ruck Dan Taylors.

Thang 2: Another tribute to @Hotbox. Getting ready to wear the tanks. 15 Minutes of the following: 25 Coupon Presses, 25 Skull Crushers, 25 Inverted rows (can’t remember the F3 names), 25 Curls, 25 Abs of your choice, rinse and repeat until 15 minutes elapsed.

COT: Prayers for the group and health, praise for @Hotbox and @Captain Crunch 2.0 birthdays. Praise for @archive and his family for the pregnancy to be progressing as planned.

Moleskin: I love waking up to meet this group. Thankful the Good Lord showed me to you guys. @gummi bear inspired me to get more creative in my #backblasts. Pumped for @hotbox birthday Ruck. Down 5 lbs since Monday, and although I know a lot may be water weight it is still motivating.