On Mondays We Ruck

There is always something about starting your week on a Monday morning at the AO that just sets the tone for the week. This week was no different. 7 PAX (Archive, Banks, Gummy Bear, Hose, ShipLap, Dovetail, and TBTF) were in attendance to get their weeks kicked off the right way.


We started off with Ruck Ballerina Toe Squats x15 (in cadence), Windmills x15 (in cadence), and Ruck Merkins x10 (in cadence) to get the blood pumping.


We then took a walk/mosey around the playground/picnic area where we eventually ended up at the bottom of our old friend Hoffa.

From there we bear crawled to the midpoint, planked for the six, did 5 Ruck Merkins facing 12:00 (head pointing straight up the hill) and rotated clockwise to do 5 more Ruck Merkins at 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, and 12:00 (again) for a total of 25 Ruck Merkins. We then planked for the six and lunged to the top of the hill

Once we reached the peak of Hoffa we lined up across the top and created six stations (Squats, Plank Drags, American Hammers, Merkins, Overhead Ruck Squats, Lunges). While 1 PAX ran to the base of Hoffa and back to the top the other 6 PAX performed as many reps of the exercise for their station. Once the PAX running the hill made it back to the top the line of PAX would shift to the next station and a new PAX would run the hill until all PAX ran the hill and rotated through all 6 stations. We did 2 rounds of this.

Once we got the PT out of the way we proceeded onward for a leisurely ruck walk around the big mile. We did throw a little shuffling in there but mostly walking. We completed 1 lap and attempted to finish off with a small loop in the final minutes but the rain started coming down sideways out of no where so we moseyed to the “Coupon Cabin” where there was a covered porch for CoT.


Prayers for a strong week, prayers for general health given everything that is going around these days (ie wash your hands, etc).