3.12.20 – A Day at the Arcade REMASTERED

8 HIMs made the HC for a Remastered Q led by Noodles. Musical warm up was in order and hitting the rock formation at AO Mastodon for some gaming.


Motivators x7

Pushin’ by Bun B (censored version) – CHECK IT OUT – Plank position and shoulder taps between lyrics. Merkin every time the word Pushin’ is mentioned. 4 minutes and 41 seconds of shoulder taps and merkins. Nice way to start a workout to promise PAX that no more merkins would take place.

The PAX moseyed on the back end of AO Mastodon until reaching the rock formation.

Thang 1: Centipede Remastered

Bear crawls – weaving between rocks until reaching the opposite side. Perform designated exercises at opposite side and weave between rocks back to the starting point.

Round #1 – Bear Crawl – Squats x100

Round #2 – Bear Crawl – Lunges x200

Round #3 – Bear Crawl – LBCs x100

Round #4 – Bear Crawl – American Hammers x100

Front runners to perform Guanatamo while waiting for your 6, your Q. I think Gummi Bear may have found us right around this time!

Moseyed back to colors.

CoR: Shiplap, Banks, Captain Crunch, Katniss, Dovetail, Hotbox, Gummi Bear catching his breath after a 1/3 HC, Noodles QIC.

CoT: Prayers for all F3 Brothers and families as prepare for what is to come during this challenging time with COVID-19. Prayers for health.