Pi Day Beatdown

While the world begins to hunker down and hide from each other the PAX of AO Mastodon got out in the world to push themselves to become a better, stronger HIM than we woke up that morning. 8 PAX were in attendance: Shiplap, Archive, Banks, Captain Crunch, Katniss, Jazz Hands, Noodles, and TBTF.

WoR: We got things started with Motivators x7 (where I lost count several times, pretty sure we did the set of 4 twice), The move that has many names but I will call it AbeVigotas x15, and Ballerina Toe Squats x15.

Thang(s): It was a bit of an impromptu/make it up as we go Q but we started with a “follow the leader” mosey towards the playground, down the rock wall slides, toe taps along the brick retaining wall from the COOTES to the zip line, jog through the picnic area, up and over a few picnic tables, then we stopped for a couple minutes of dips. We moseyed on for a few minutes where we stopped and circled up for a minute of SSHs where PAX took turns SSH’ing in the center of the circle and Shiplap even pulled off an impressive cartwheel/upside down SSH. We then moseyed along the path and eventually ended up at the park equipment that looked like a ladder so we obviously climbed it, jumped down, and planked for a bit. Next we moseyed to the first bridge, lunged across it and circled up for 2 minutes of Merkins (the first of a ton of Merkins on the day). We backwards shuffled for a while then stopped for arm circles/seal claps, moseyed some more then stopped for 2 minutes of squats, moseyed some more then stopped for 2 minutes of burpees (Noodles may deny it but I really thought he requested them). We then moseyed to the coupons doing some mountain climbers and jump squats along the way based on the people/dogs we passed. Once we got to the coupon area we did a round of the beatdown deck without coupons. We then grabbed coupons and did an AO Mastodon original “Rock Around The Block” which is 10 incline merkins with coupon, 10 merkins with right hand on coupon, 10 derkins (merkin/plank walk to position), and 10 merkins with left hand on the coupon at which time I believe we were about all at the point of merkins failure. We then did another quick round of the beatdown deck utilizing the coupon were we could. We put the coupons back and moseyed to the flag.


Prayers for the group, families, and society in general as we work through the Corona Virus pandemic, prayers for people to maintain calm and minimize anxiety in these trying times, prayers for our parents/grandparents who may be in a more risky age range of the current pandemic, prayers for the families stuck at home for 3-4 weeks with no school/open activities for kids.