6.27.20 The Floor is LAVA!

6 PAX for a hot hot hot beatdown.

WOR- 7x Motivators, Static Stretches. Pick up Coupons

Thangs- Split into 2 teams: Team TBTKatbox (Too Big to Fail, Katness, Hotbox), Sharnks (Shiplap, Archive, Banks)

Round 1- 1 point each for winning a round.

First to 150 total reps as a team and run to next lamppost (winner): Curls (Sharnks), Clean and Press (Sharnks), Squats (Sharnks), Blockees (Sharnks)

Round 2- 4 points for winning the round. THE FLOOR IS LAVA: work as a team to traverse from one lamppost to the next without touching feet to the ground. Hands and coupons can touch. Winner of round was Sharnks with a last minute push.

Round 3- Blue Falcon: Team TBTKatbox picks reps and exercise. First team to complete and make it to next lamppost gets 2 points: Merkins (TBTKatbox), OH Press? (TBTKatbox), BBSitups? (Sharnks), Run w/ Coupon to top of Hoffa (Sharnks)

Race to the top of Hoffa was a definite highlight: TBTF took off like a rocket but slowed when he hit the hill. Banks’ slow but steady closed it out.

Mary- 8 points for team for holding boat/canoe the longest. Won by yours truly QIC. Hotbox said it looked like I could have held boat all day, it didn’t feel that way to me. I’ll take the compliment.

TBTKatbox: 4 points Sharnks: 18 points.

Gotta say the points don’t look close but TClaps out to everybody for pushing each other. It did not feel like there were any rounds off for either team.

COR NOR- Blessing for travels and for Sparrow’s trip to Wisconsin.