Father’s Day Q

6/20/2020 –


  • Motivators x7
  • AbeVigoda’s x15
  • Slow(ish) paced Indian Run around the AO (3 burpees) ending at the coupons


The concept was that I created a list of the PAX in attendance and then we would do an exercise that I thought of when I thought of that PAX. The rep count would be the PAX age and the reps would be the PAX number of kids (keeping with the Fathers Day theming). In reality I couldn’t remember everyone’s age so we just did 35 reps for everyone (or “rep equivalents” where 35 reps didn’t work out or wouldn’t be reasonable). Most importantly after we completed the exercise the PAX that was the motivation for the exercise completed was responsible for sharing a “dad joke” to the PAX so we can all build up our “dad jokes” arsenal.


  • 1 – Crunch – Dan Taylors
  • 2 – Banks – Burpees – 35 reps, 1 set
  • 3 – Noodles – Zombie Crawl up Hoffa (way harder than I remember) – there was some solid Halloween Q mumble chatter on the way up; Boo-urpee for the 6 at the top
  • 4 – Katniss – Star Jumps – we crowd sourced this one and got to the total rep count as a group
  • 5 – Archive – Coupon Squats – 35 reps, 2 sets + 15 reps in cadence (for the one on the way!)
  • 6 – TBTF – Rock Around The Block (10/10/10/5, only 1 set due to time)
  • 7 – HotBox – Coupon Back Rows (35 reps, 2 sets; cu short for time)

We returned the coupons and moseyed to the flag

CoR – Captain Crunch, Banks, Archive, Katniss, TBTF, HotBox, Noodles

CoT – prayers for Captain Crunch and family for safe travels to Pittsburgh as well as for all the Fathers to enjoy the weekend