7/13/20 Dirty Man Makers? Mercy!

4 PAX (Archive QIC, Banks, Gummi Bear and Hotbox) for not yo’ momma’s Ruck Monday.

WOR- 2 minute plank. Surprisingly easy, don’t think I was fully awake yet. Made lap of the AO with 4 stops for:

3×3 Dirty Man Makers- Manmaker with 3 hand release merkins at the bottom and 3 squat thrusters at the top.

Fully warmed up PAX moved onto Thang 1:

M.E.R.C.Y. High Fives
Done with FIVE stations at the bottom of a hill. The hill climb and distance is your challenge. PAX must complete each station’s circuit at the top of the hill before moving to the next. All stations (except the C-Crawl Station have a WO at the top of the hill which start with 1 Rep and ascend up to 5 Reps before that station’s circuit is complete.
Station 1 – M – Manmakers w/ ruck –
Station 2 – E – Squat w/ Extension- Squat with overhead lift of Ruck
Station 3 – R – Rock-a-Bye Babies w/Ruck
Station 4 – C – Crawl (aka Bear Crawl) w/Ruck
Station 5 – Y – Yoke Walk w/ Sandbag At the top of the hill, complete the required number of ascending Squats
Lord Have MERCY on your muscles after you climb HIGH up the hill FIVE times for FIVE sets.

PAX made it through at least one round of each station.

Prayers for Archive’s car shopping and a good start to the work week!