Backblast – Monday Ruck Club 8/27

Warm-O-Rama – we didn’t need much. Due to all the EC workouts your QIC decided to take the crew around Wheaton for some good 2nd F! We completed 15 Merkins IC for good measure

As we began to Ruck @saga showed up a little after time, while we waited we did some OH Squats and some one arm curls. Once the group was complete we headed out

The Thang – We rucked through the streets of Wheaton. Your QIC wasn’t super familiar with the surroundings but with some help from some fellow HIMs we made it back to the AO just in time.

EC Thang – for good measure and a little @DaVinci encouragement we repped of 15 more merkins IC.

PAX – @shiplap, @captaincruch, @banks, @saga, @bigmac, @sparrow, @DaVinci

COT – Praise the Lord for such a positive and uplifting group. Praying for future heath and well being of the American people.