Backblast – Saturday 8/1 Bootcamp: “Friendly Fire”

An impressive (17? PAX joined at the AO for an extended Saturday beatdown, some following a Banks EC beatdown shortly before!

Today’s workout was called “Friendly Fire” – named after a semi-friendly, semi-competitive Thang 2 routine that pit partner against partner.


7X motivators
Arm Circles (B and F)
10 Tappy taps

Thang 1: 11’s via lightposts
Start with 1 burpee, 10 merkins
End with 10 burpees, 1 merkin

Thang 2: Friendly Fire
Partner up! Equal speed/strength.
P1 exercises. Keep your count
P2 runs the hill and back (bear crawl and other variants thrown in for pain)
Once both have run and exercised, reveal your number of reps to your partner.

Winner planks, loser makes up the difference with the makeup exercise.


  1. Merkins/Merkins
  2. Curls/LBCs
  3. JumpSquats/Big Boy Situps
  4. Blockbees/Flutter kicks
  5. Overhead press/lunges
  6. Monkey Humpers/LBCs
  7. Star Jumps/Crunchy frogs
  8. American Hammers/Diamond Merkins


John Cusack your coupon around the hill and back to its home.

You-call-it Mary round. 50LBCs (sparrow), flutters (SAGA), E2Ks (Pele), Leg raises (Hotbox)

Prayers for family and friends of Crack and Saga for loss of close friends
For Crack’s daughter as she heads down to school
For all grappling with the decision to return their kids young/old to school – your decision is the right one.
For any struggling with anxiety and restlessness  – that they find needed peace.

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