8.4.2020 – Race Day!

It was another beautiful morning at AO Mastodon and surprisingly there was a little bit of a chill in the air! 14 PAX (That’s right, 14! – Archive, Captain Crunch, Hotbox, Poutine, Sparrow, Shiplap, DaVinci, Saga, Chaser, Crack, Gummibear, Banks, and 2 FNG’s, welcome YoyoRabbit and Sweet Treats!) showed up for today’s beatdown. YHC wanted to get a little creative and create a competition that still gave the PAX a great burn, and from some of the Mumblechatter, it sounds like I succeeded!


  • 7x Motivators
  • 15x Mountain Man Poopers IC
  • 15x Merkins IC

The Thang: Races!

Race #1 – the PAX all went and grabbed coupons and moseyed to the start of the trail. From there we broke up into 4 teams, 2 teams of 3 and 2 of 4. The first PAX would start by completing 5 Blockees, and then sprint to the next light pole. The other PAX would space out on the trail ahead at the next open light pole. When the first PAX gets to the next light pole, the PAX there begins their set of 5 blockees. The first PAX continue on to the first open light pole and waits for their teammate to get to them to repeat the exercise. We went around the inner loop finishing at the hill.

Race #2 – Keeping the same teams, the PAX moseyed to the C.O.O.T.I.E.S. area for another race consisting of the following:

  • 5x Pullups
  • 10x Derkins
  • 10x Table press
  • 10x (yes 10 Sparrow) jump ups

The PAX would complete the exercise and then sprint to the next PAX on their team. We completed 4 round.

Race #3 – Bearcrawl Inch Worm – The PAX would hold plank and the next PAX would bear crawl to the front of the line Indian run style until we got back to the coupons.

Mary – 60 Flutter Kicks IC


Prayers for flattening the curve, for all of those going back to school and preparing for students to return, and for Archive’s M as they enter the 3rd trimester. I was really proud of the group this morning, and the energy each PAX brought to the table. Continue to do hard things and accelerate forward, great job men!