8/14/2020 – Friday EC Run Club

It is Friday already and the group felt the need for some light jogging and a little PT to bridge the gap between Thursday and Saturday beat downs. A new record for EC Run Club of 6 PAX came out: Shiplap, DaVinci, Noodles, Katniss, Big Mac, TBTF demolishing the prior record of 3! To be fair I believe this is only the 4th EC Run Club 🙂

WoR – 30 second jog in place, 25 SSH, 30 seconds mummy kicks (Shaun T mumble chatter ensued), followed by various stretched to prep us for our journey


  • We jogged around the AO and eventually made it to the north field of the high school off Geneva Road where they keep the tractor tire @Banks so kindly introduced some of us to
  • Each PAX took a turn flipping the tire 10 times while the remaining PAX moseyed to a fence about a 100 yards out and back. In some cases 2 PAX teamed up to flip the tire
  • We then moseyed back to the AO and visited our buddy Hoffa for 5 hill sprints foll0wed by a mosey around the baseball diamond and back to the flag
  • The intention was to end with Mary but I didn’t leave enough time for that (We will get it next time boys)

Total distance was about 3.5 miles with some PT sprinkled in.

CoT – Prayers for the community (including Archive) who are still trying ot get electricity back. Prayers for Noodles as he continues to pursue the next step in his career