4/5/2021 – Monday Ruck Club (also Run Club)

11 PAX (TBTF QIC, Cookies, Sparrow, SAGA, DaVinci, Tortuga, Jolly, Beaker, Dr. Phil, Big Mac, Archive)

The runners started early, circled back to the flag at 530AM to exchange Sparrow for Dr. Phil and were off again for a nice 6+ mile run (estimated)

The Ruckers did a quick WoR and made our way to Hoffa for some bear crawling, squats at the top, and lunging back down. We then proceeded to make 2 laps around the AO (the Archive mile followed by the Captain Crunch mile). Due to some poor time management by yours truly the last half of the Captain Crunch mile was largely a shuffle.

CoT – Prayers for SAGAs M for better sleep and general good health as well as Bloomers son

Three A.L.A.R.M. Beatdown


10 burpees, 25 SSH (in cadence), 15 Abe Vagodas (slow count), 10 merkins (slow), 10 squats (slow), 5 burpees, rifle carry coupon to the field in front of Hoffa


Three A.L.A.R.M. Beatdown = 3 rounds of Arms, Leg, Abs, Run, Merkin (“A.L.A.R.M”) movements

Round 1 – shoulder press x25, goblet squats x25, BBS x25, run Hoffa and back, derkins x25; we burpeed or loaned reps for the six and then did five additional burpees for good measure

We then moseyed about halfway around the AO to the soccer fields stopping for about 100 yards of lunges along the way.

Round 2 – TAPS x25, jump squats x25, dutch bazookas x25, run to the bridge and back, 25 merkins; we burped or loaned reps for the six and then did five additional burpees for fun

We then moseyed back to the field in front of Hoffa for the final round

Round 3 – shoulder press x25, lunges x25 (both legs = 1), american hammers (both sides = 1 rep), back peddle up Hoffa and mosey back, derkins x50; SSH for the six

Next we carried our coupon to the COOTES to do 5 pull ups each on our way back to the flag


19 incredible HIMs were in attendance – Da Vinci, Panhandle, T-Bone, Captain Crunch, Bloomer, Big Mac, Hot Box, Sparrow, Crash, Crack, Banks, Shiplap, Saga, Cookies, Jolly, Tortuga, Chee-eesseee, Katniss, TBTF


prays for Crack to be able to work his schedule and spend time with his grandmother who turns 98 (Happy B-Day!) and prayers for the HIMS and their families for wellness and happiness

Side note – when I call random unplanned burpees I know on the outside I sound like me but in my head all I hear is Shiplap from the House Of Pain Q calling burpees…It can’t be just me right

12/22/2020 – AO Mastodon – 3 Days before Christmas Beatdown

  • PAX – 9 HIMs in attendance
  • WoR – SSHx20, Michael Phelps (30 seconds), Abe Vigodas x10, Arm Circles/Claps (6 variations; approx 20 seconds each)
  • Tha Thang we did a 3 part workout representing the 3 days remaining until Christmas, then another thang, then another thang
  • 3 Days left = 1 round of S.A.N.T.A. (Squats x25, Arms Up/Hand Release Merkins x25, Near Neck/Shoulder Taps x25 each side, Twitch/Flutter Kicks x25 each leg, Abs/LBCs x50), followed by 5 burpees, a Bear Crawl up Hoffa, and a Man Rise (indicating the end of the day)
  • 2 Days left = 1 round of C.L.A.U.S. (Climbers/Mountain x25 each side, Lunges x25, American Hammers x50, Ups/Big Boy Sit x25, Seal Jacks x25), followed by 5 burpees, a Bear Crawl up Hoffa, and a Man Rise (indicating the end of the day)
  • 1 Day left = 1 round of S.A.N.T.A. C.L.A.U.S. (half reps from prior rounds), followed by 5 burpees but we did not end the day with the Man Rise because there was work still to be done.
  • Then it was time to deliver the presents around the world (the AO in this case) – the PAX moseyed around the Archive mile; every HIM had 3 burpees to dole out to the PAX along the way; all in all the PAX gifted themselves and each other 27 burpees over the course of the mile mosey; The last approx 100 yard was a sprint.
  • We finished off the beatdown with a “4AM Wakeup” to represent what those of us with young 2.0s can expect on Christmas morning (and those past this phase can relate to). Starting in “Jolly” position for 3 seconds, we did a BBS, then the last half of a burpee ending in the jump (I should have made this a star jump representing how “excited” we are to get up at 4AM; where were you on that one @Katniss). We did 5.
  • NoR -Tortuga, Jolly, Crack, Captain Crunch, Katniss, SAGA, Da Vinci, Panhandle, TBTF
  • CoT – prayers for Captain’s in-laws traveling in for the holidays, SAGAs recovery from a rough morning in the gloom, and for general wellness and happiness of the community and the PAX
  • Moleskin – today’s exercises were based on the 12 Days Of Christmas (but can not be used for the 12th day); for those that may have needed a little help getting the reps in I hope this was a boost to get you there and I will see you on Thursday for @Tortuga’s grand finale!! The true motivation behind this beatdown was knowing and understanding the goals of the PAX and the opportunity we all have and often execute against to help each other reach their goals whether you know you are doing it or not. The motivation of each other and the community of this group is why it all works. It is more than a workout.

12/9 – AO Tarpit – B-B-B-B-BLIMPS (Hindenburg style)

  • PAX – “10” PAX in attendance; 11 under previous counting methodology
  • WoR – Motivators x7, Abe Vigotas x15, ballerina toe squats x10, arm circles/chinooks (30 seconds each variation)
  • Thang – Hindenburg BLIMPS with the Hightower burpee routine replacing the standard burpee routine. We did the burpees as a PAX and then assigned four corners of the field for the remaining “LIMP” portion of the beatdown. For each exercise we start at one corner and do each exercise (25 reps) at each corner, we moseyed or bear crawled between corners. We eventually eliminated the bear crawl and cut reps to 10 as needed in order to finish the routine on time.
    • B – The Hightower – (in memory of fallen F3 Mrytle Beach HIM/first responder) – 5 burpee variations, 9 reps each
      • Standard Burpees x9
      • Bodybuilders (burpee w plank jack) x9
      • Triple Merkin Burpee (burpee with 3 hand release merkins) x9
      • Triple Jump Squat Burpee (burpee ending w 3 jump squats) x9
      • All together = Triple Merkin, Triple Jump Squat Bodybuilder Burpees – burpee w 3 hand release merkins, plank jack, 3 jump squats) x9 <<– Super Fun!!
    • L – Lunges x25 per corner = 100 total
    • I – Imperial Walkers x25 per corner = 100 total
    • M – Merkins x25 per corner = 100 total
    • P – Plank Jacks x25 per corner = 100 total
    • S – Squats x25 per corner = 100 total
  • NoR (11) – Katniss, Noodles, Rain Maker, Tortuga, Jolly, Big Mac, Archive, Wet Burrito, Banks, Shiplap, TBTF
  • CoT – prayers for each other and the support and motivation we provide to the PAX as a whole, prayers for health and safety of our families and communities

11/26 – AO Mastodon – “Turkey Burner”

PAX – 10 PAX in attendance – Tortuga, TBTF, DBC, Beaker, HotBox, Jolly, T-Bone, Crack, SAGA, Crash


WoR – SSH (x15 IC), Abe Vigota (x10 IC), Imperial Walkers (x10 IC), MMPoopers (x10 IC), Slow Merkin (x10 IC)XMoseyed to the base of ‘Hoffa where the beatdown commenced


Thang 1 –

  • Coupon Circuit x2 – 15 Block-pees, 20 Goblet Squats, 25 Coupon Curls, 30 Shoulder Press, 100 SSH, sprint hill/touch fence, mosey back, Merkin for the six
  • Turkey Leg burner circuit x1 – 15 Burpees (no coupon), 15 Star Jumps, 25 BW Squats, Lunge up hill, 100 SSH at top of hill, mosey down, Merkin for the six

Thang 2 –

  • Turkey Trot – mosey to the pool house and back to the path on the opposite side of the field in front of Hoffa
  • Turkey Hunt (named after the beatdown)- Goal was to sprint across the field and up ‘Hoffa. Tortuga was volunteered to be the “hunter” and the remaining PAX were the “hunted – or the turkeys to stick with the theme”. The remaining PAX got a 3 second headstart. After 3 seconds Tortuga sprinted the field/Hoffa. Anyone he was able to pass did 5 burpees. All PAX met at the top of ‘Hoffa.

We then moseyed to flag


CoT – health and safety during the holiday season. I may have forgotten a few requests but as Gummi Bear once said…God is all knowing and he heard you 🙂

11/9/2020 Monday Ruck Club

PAX in attendance: Big Mac, T-Bone, Tortuga, Noodles, Yoyo Rabbit, Saga, Panhandle, DaVinci, Sparrow, DBC, and TBTF-WoR – Michael Phelps x30 seconds, arm circles x30 seconds each direction, Abe Vegotas x10, Slow Squats x10, and slow Merkins x10

Thang – The goal was to get around the AO twice, the first included stops for PT and the second was pure ruck (shuffling needed due to time).

  • First Lap:
    • On the first lap around the AO we stopped after the pool house for a speed routine (PAX accomplished 20 reps of 5 movements as fast as possible. We did OH presses, Merkins, American Hammers, Squats, and Imperial Walkers. We proceeded to ruck to Dan Taylor Alley where we bear crawled across the field stopping at the first soccer net. We then lunged from the first soccer net to the second soccer net. Next we shuffled to the northwest corner of AO for one last PT stop where the PAX hammered out 20 Merkins/20 Squats/20 American Hammers. From there we completed the first lap (to the flag)
  • Second Lap:
    • Goal was to ruck the Archive mile where mumble chatter was encouraged. Time snuck up on me and we ended up shuffling the back half.

COT – Prayers for the teachers, students, and staff at the schools to stay safe amid the increasing numbers. Prayers for the children of the Hope4TheOrphan program (I apologize I can not recall the girls name we prayed for this morning) .

“Keep It Simple” Boot Camp – 9/10/2020

“Keep It Simple” Boot Camp – 9/10/2020
14 PAX came out for a chilly Thursday AM beatdown. PAX in attendance include: Gummi Bear, Banks, Captain Crunch (2Q), HotBox, Bloomer, Sparrow, T-Bone, Shiplap, Katniss/Katness, Wet Burrito, Noodles, Archive, DaVnci, TBTF

We started with a quick WoR with Abe Vigotas x15 IC and Motivators x7 IC
We then moseyed to the COOTES and started with 25 pull ups and 25 merkin.

Next we made two single file lines. One line was the merkin line and the other was the squat line. Each PAX was able to call out the exercise of their line 1 time throughout our mosey around the Captain Crunch Mile (intended to do the full Archive mile but was running short on time). We did 25 merkins and 50 squats each time it was called. About half way we cut the reps to 15 merkins and 25 squats. Once the mosey was complete we made it back to the COOTES for 15 more pulls ups and 25 more merkins. For good measure we sprinted to the top of Hoffa and performed BBSs until all PAX were complete then bear crawled or crab walked down Hoffa and made our way back to the flag.

CoT – Prayers for the community and overall health of the PAX and families. There were a few specific requests that to be honest I can not recall right now but were part of the prayer.

Monday Ruck Club 8/24

There was a solid showing of 11 PAX eager to get their week started out the right way. PAX in attendance were: HotBox, Gummi Bear, BigMac, Captain Crunch, Banks, Panhandle (FNG), Da Vinci, Archive, Shiplap, Wet Burrito, and TBTF

WoR consisted of a set of 5 motivators, 10 Mountain Man Poopers, and 10 tappy taps all done in cadence

We then set out to do a one mile ruck around the perimeter of the AO where we rucked the east/wide legs of the path and shuffled the north/south legs of the path

We added a stop at the base of Hoffa for some moderate PT. We did:3 minutes of EMOM – Ruck shoulder press, Ruck front squats, Ruck BBS, and Ruck Merkins x10 reps each exercise3 minutes EMOM – 10 manmakers

We then did a slightly shorter ruck through the AO where we again rucked the east/wide legs of the path and shuffled the north/south legs of the path

CoTPrayers for the kids, teachers, and staff as the school year commences as well as any parents/families that are managing elearning for their children.

Welcome Panhandle!

8/14/2020 – Friday EC Run Club

It is Friday already and the group felt the need for some light jogging and a little PT to bridge the gap between Thursday and Saturday beat downs. A new record for EC Run Club of 6 PAX came out: Shiplap, DaVinci, Noodles, Katniss, Big Mac, TBTF demolishing the prior record of 3! To be fair I believe this is only the 4th EC Run Club 🙂

WoR – 30 second jog in place, 25 SSH, 30 seconds mummy kicks (Shaun T mumble chatter ensued), followed by various stretched to prep us for our journey


  • We jogged around the AO and eventually made it to the north field of the high school off Geneva Road where they keep the tractor tire @Banks so kindly introduced some of us to
  • Each PAX took a turn flipping the tire 10 times while the remaining PAX moseyed to a fence about a 100 yards out and back. In some cases 2 PAX teamed up to flip the tire
  • We then moseyed back to the AO and visited our buddy Hoffa for 5 hill sprints foll0wed by a mosey around the baseball diamond and back to the flag
  • The intention was to end with Mary but I didn’t leave enough time for that (We will get it next time boys)

Total distance was about 3.5 miles with some PT sprinkled in.

CoT – Prayers for the community (including Archive) who are still trying ot get electricity back. Prayers for Noodles as he continues to pursue the next step in his career

Ruck Club Backblast – AO Mastodon (7/6/2020)

Ship Lap, Gummi Bear, Da Vinci (FNG), and TBTF posted for ruck club after a long relaxing weekend.

  • Motivators x5
  • Slow Ruck Merkings x10
  • Arms circles (forward/backwards) and claps (overhead/front) x25 each motion


  • We rucked about a mile to the Lincoln Marsh Prairie Patch (it’s a park)
  • We found a log and did 25 Ruck Derkins, 25 Split Squats (per leg), and then carried our rucks over our heads for a small loop that is at the park (guessing baout 1/8th mile), we then did 5 Ruck-pees (Blockpees with a ruck)
  • We then rucked back to the AO (about a mile) working up to shuffle towards he end as we were over time a bit


  • Praying for general health and wellness of the PAX and community as we all progress through the current pandemic and start to branch out and reintegrate aspects of life back in to our routines (ie day care, etc).

Welcome Da Vinci to AO Mastodon!! We are happy you are here and excited to get to know you. If you haven’t had a chance to meet the “FNG” be sure to reach out and say hi.