Pre-Ruck EC

When posting the pre-blast for this workout I starting to think “ I may be losing it”. When Captain HC’ed and said “my love language is crazy, HC” I was relieved I’m not alone. In all, 4 PAX decided to partake (Banks, TBTF, Captain Crunch, and myself), even if it was before an almighty Captain Crunch Q!

We used two sand bag and two coupons for the circuit and gathered by the COOTIES.

Circuit 1 – 10 reps- full body: 2 rounds

Blockees, pull-ups, squat and press w sandbag, clean and squat w sandbag.

Circuit 2 – 20 reps – upper body: 2 rounds

Bench press w sandbag, bent over rows with sandbag, durkins, 1 arm rows with coupon

Circuit 3 – 30 Reps – arms: 1.5 rounds

Skull crushers w sandbag, curls w sandbag, upright rows, dips

It was a short EC (about 25 minutes) but all PAX involved felt the upper body burn!