Da Vinci’s Challenge

17 PAX showed up for Da Vinci’s VQ. Beautiful morning.

Warmorama: Goofballs x 20, Motivators x 7, Windmills (large & small); leg stretches during speech about Joseph Campbell, George Lucas and the neglected Christian Yodas, a.k.a. the Desert Fathers, whose sayings were interspersed (nice free edition of the sayings in PDF form available here. Though I drew from this book which is alphabetical – today was from Antony).

11s (Burpees and Merkens) around the short loop (stopping at 11 lights). Mary for early finishers.

4 Corners (Coupon Merkens, Curls, Coupon Squats, Shoulder Press). 40/30/20/10. We quit early (starting at 40 was too ambitious). Next time 30/20/10 will work better.

Merken Mountain (Merken then bear crawl to where your hands were for another Merken, make it to the fence). No time for a planned Jacob’s Ladder, but will do it next time.

Ring of Fire (but without Bear Crawls, so wasn’t really a Ring of Fire). 6 guys named Mary exercises.

Circle of Trust: Welcome to FNG, Abraham, a.k.a. DBC (Double Beef n’ Cheddar). Da Vinci dropped the flag with 15 Merken penalty. Prayers for the start of school, and for pushing through with other daily exercises (diligence in work, love of family, neighbor, etc.).

Thanks for showing for my VQ, crew.

Abba Antony said, “I have seen all the snares of the devil spread out on earth and I said with a sigh, ‘Who can pass these by?’ and I heard a voice saying to me, ‘Humble-mindedness.'”