08.29.2020 EC Iron Pax Week 0 Take 2

For those of us who missed Wednesday Iron Pax Week 0, or others of us who wanted to improve our prior time, 4 paxs; Noodles, Banks, FNG Shamu, and Gummi Bear met at AO Tar Pit at 5:30am this morning.

Warmup: Stretch on your own and jog around track.

Ironpax week 0 Times:

Gummibear: 26:03

Banks: 27:15

FNG Shamu: 30:41

Noodles: 31:40

NOR/COT: Prayers for the family and friends of a friend of banks, who just died.


I fully expected to be doing this workout alone today. It is really awesome seeing three other guys show up at 5:30am on a saturday. I have no doubt that they helped significantly improve my time, simply by being there. It was also really neat seeing both Banks and Noodles, who did the workout on Wednesday, significantly improve their times today. But perhaps, the thing I am most proud of and awestruck by, is the moment of brilliance that occurred during naming the FNG. He told us about himself, and for some reason the name Shamu had just been sitting in my brain as this FNG’s given name. It has no relevance to anything he told us about himself, it was just destiny. It was encouraging seeing Shamu show up for the first time to an ironpax workout! I am really excited for F3 Wheaton to turn in some very respectable times this year for ironpax. We have far greater participation this year compared with last year.

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