8.29 “For the Invigoration of Male Leadership”

18 PAX on a great breezy morning for an workout that tested PAX’s counting and leadership skills.

WOR- 15x in Cadence SSH, OHPs, Calf Raises, and an absolutely terrible in-cadence call of Kickaroos (aka Kick Throughs). Yours truly had practiced Kickaroos in cadence but IT DID NOT SHOW. The pregnant pause between “2” and “3” was painful.

“Pick Up the Six” – Split into two teams and head opposite directions around the AO. Front PAX peels off and does Manmakers until the 6 passes him. Repeato until both teams return to startex. Winning teams does reps of exercise of choice until losing team arrives. Losing team does same reps while winning teams mumble chatters annoyingly. Team One won and did 20x In Cadence American Hammers.

“Archive’s Bad Idea”- Same deal but Bear Crawls for movement and Kickaroos for exercise. We went until teams met in the middle. PAX was good and tired after that.

Moleskine in the Middle: Q’s favorite John Wooden quote “Make each day a masterpiece”.

AYG to the Baseball Diamond

“For the Invigoration of Male Leadership”- PAX in a semicircle in outfield, Q on pitchers mound. Each PAX was called to the mound to lead the collected PAX in a in cadence exercise. We did the following: 10x Burpees, Kickaroos, Crunchy Frogs 20x Merkins x2, Flutters, BBSitups, Planks 30x Squats, Mountain Climbers, Calf Raises 40x SSH, OHCs.

AYG to the flag.

COR NOR: Archive (QIC), Banks, Captain Crunch, Hotbox, Shiplap, Katness, Crack, Crash, Kpop, SAGA, Da Vinci, Noodles, Sparrow, Wet Burrito, Big Mac, Bloomer, Smokey, Jazz Hands.

BOM: Prayers for safety from COVID, for Crack/Crash/Kpop/C3POs outdoor church service, and thanks for the FNGs who have started in the last 2 months.

Moleskine- “Make each day a masterpiece” we have a good start on making today a masterpiece. Shoutout to Smokey, Crash, Kpop, Bloomer, Wet Burrito for jumping into leading the PAX for the first time. They crushed it, yours truly is so proud to be a part this group.