9.1.2020 Interval Training with Shiplap.


It was another beautiful morning with hints of fall felt in every molecule. The gloom is getting hazier and the air is getting a little cooler with each day. A change is coming on, and it was felt in each pax’s soul. These ax gathered for this particular morning workout in numbers too large to describe here. It was wonderful.


Jog over to coupons; each pax pick up a coupon and lay it along south side of hardball path facing the hill. Pax then formed a circle at base of hill without a coupon. 

Windmills 15 IC

Russian Soldiers 15 IC

50 IC Side straddle hops I/C (while we do these one each man will do one burpee, taking turns. As soon as the person to your left does a burpee you do when and recover and begin partaking in side straddle hops again). Burpee Dominos.

THE THANG: Intervals 

We will split into two groups, Group one led by shiplap and Group two led by Gummibear. With two stations in which the groups rotated inbeween every four minutes.


Station 1: Pull up Bars (Goal was to try and get through 15 rounds total in the 9 minutes of total work that you would have here throughout the workout)

3 Minutes of doing the following: 

5 pull ups

10 pushups

15 airsquats 

1 minute of rest where you rotate to the hill station. At four minute mark begin station 2. 

Station 2: 

Start just south of path facing hill. Each pax starts by laying down on chest/belly facing hill. Command is given to go and all pax sprint up hill and touch fence. Pax run back down to their coupon. When you returned to a coupon if you were not the last man you conducted coupon pulls until the last man returned. Once the last man returned the group leader gave command to rest. Everyone rested in laying down position for 20 seconds until group leader gave command to go, and then repeat race up hill. At the 3 minute mark stop, and walk over to the other station to switch. At the 4 minute mark you should be starting station 1. 

After each group had partaken in each station three times before returning to base of hill and circling up with coupons. 

Coupon Work Circle Up: 

25 Triple Crunches: When done lunge with coupon overhead. During this time shiplap entertained us with motivating words of encouragement.

25 Flutter Kicks I/C with Coupon overhead.

20 Leg Spreaders I/C with Coupon overhead. 

Mosey to return coupons. Circle up at the flag. Count off/NOR/ Announcements/COT. 

Moleskin: This was the first workout that a Q team was implemented in the schedule, as our numbers have grown. I really enjoyed working in a team with an assistant Q (Shiplap) and it was very helpful. It gives you a lot more ability to implement creative workouts that you could not potentially implements when you are a solo Q of a larger group.