9.5.2020 EC- Just Banks and Me.

In spirit and heart the Q was present at AO Mastodon at 05:20am ready for business. The Q’s body however, arrived at the AO slightly later; at 5:33am. As the Q drove up, no cars were visible in the parking lot. All was quiet, all was peaceful. The Q stepped from his vehicle, wondering if he would be alone today. As he looked around he noticed, leaning against a light pole, one solitary bicycle. About five feet away from the bike a man lay on his back, on the ground, his knees up, his head resting on the earth, his eyes cast heavenward, observing the vast and seemingly endless sky, and perhaps thinking how small one is in comparison to the universe. That man was banks.

Warm Up: Jog

Thang: Jog

Cooldown: Jog

Banks and I stepped off by jogging to get warm. The cool crisp air was intoxicating. The stillness on a Saturday morning, even starker then that of a weekday morning. We felt as if we were the only ones living, while the world slept on. As we headed south on west street, the sounds of lawn sprinklers could be heard. Crickets were still chirping their evening chants. We dominated the road, with no vehicles in sight.

For good measure, I kept banks on his toes so he would not be lulled into sleep by the sandman and the enchanting early morning sounds. I would tell him to turn at the very last second, and would often take turns unnecessarily. This was part of his training today.

We ventured out about 2.3 miles and then back again 2.3 miles. On the way back we were galloping passed Marianos, with the bakery smells wafting into our nasal passages, when just there was what appeared to be some form of an exercise group comprised of about 20 individuals, most of them women, who were standing near their vehicles. They proceeded to stare at us in a quizzical sort manner. It was a hard silent stare, and we were not sure what it was concerning. Perhaps they thought we were part of their group coming to join and them. Some things we shall never know. We continued on, undeterred. Up Main street, the sun was coming out, the city was starting to awake from its slumber, to slowly start its Saturday dance. The workers were setting up the french market. But we did not stop, we pressed on. We turned west on Prairie, and we knew home was not far away. There, just around that bend, AO Mastodon awaited us.

COT – Amen