9.7.20 — Labor Day: Fellowship of the Ruck

The Fellowship: 9 Ruckers (Gummi Bear, DaVinci, Panhandle, TBTF, Tortuga, Noodles, Shiplap, Sparrow, Captain Crunch)

Jumping at the long weekend’s opportunity for some extended ruck-work, the nine met at AO-Mastodon at the customary time to begin their trek to breakfast. (not exactly a shortcut to breakfast, but it was perhaps “second breakfast” for some.) Flag in hand, they filed out 2 by 2 to at a brisk, but conversational, pace. (Just outside the AO, penalty burpees were awarded to the whole group for the only flag-drop of the journey. Whether from punishment or patriotism, vigilance was maintained the rest of the morning.)

No Motor Vehicles were used

We rucked to good conversation down Jewell Rd. and up the Prairie Path to Geneva Rd., heading over to the beginning of the Geneva Spur. Our destination: The (soon* to be properly renamed) “Hopewell” Mounds. A short trek on a narrow path and we found ourselves at a nondescript spot with a sign. Thankfully, local guide DaVinci filled in the picture we lacked with historical background and a brief description of the people who had come thousands of years before us and lived by and migrated on the rivers that we now crisscross with our own journeys.

After a brief reflection, the bugs and the time turned our path homeward, and the fellowship began breaking. Gummi Bear and DaVinci began their trek directly back to the AO as the remaining 7 headed south, to pass by Sparrow’s residence and wave at his family.

Despite the Q’s best efforts to foul up his navigation, we did manage to make good time back to Wheaton, saying farewell to TBTF and Panhandle after navigating Lincoln Marsh, and proceeding on to downtown meeting, now 5, for a good hearty breakfast at Egg’lectic’s tent dining on Hale St.

Overall about 8 miles covered before breakfast, with a total time under weight of 128 min, including stops (16 min/mile overall average).

COR/NOR/COT: Blessings on the group, healing for the aches and pains of the PAX — gratitude and intercession for the Ms that made the trip possible — for those working and those unemployed amid the pandemic — for courage and durability as we look to the winter.

After a good breakfast, Tortuga headed south and Noodles parked downtown, leaving the remaining 3 to make the return mile back to the AO.

Great conversation the whole time. After this ruck and HotBox’s Q, I feel like I’ve gotten to know people a lot better and can more appreciate the depth and richness of the collective story we are building. An encouraging day at the start of a new year of school and the rounding out of the 3rd year of F3 Wheaton. Thanks, HIMs of Wheaton!