9.15.2020 – Keep It Simple, Stupid Continues

In preparation for IronPax, Noodles decided to make it a MINI bootcamp to help prepare for this week’s challenge. 17 PAX made the commitment to this beatdown. Today’s beatdown emphasized proper form. There was some running, merkins and some leg workouts today. A nice little stretch to get things going and loosen up the muscles. By the end of the workout, PAX got a good all around beatdown.

Disclaimer: 3 Fs, Core Principles, Not a professional, Modify as needed.

WoR: Malasana Yoga Pose, Tappy Taps x20, Stretch down the middle, R & L Leg Stretches, Motivators x5, Bring Sally Up.

Thang: Mini Chesto Remixed

Half the reps of a Mucho Chesto sprinkled with some 400m runs & 800m finish. Time was not emphasized as much as proper form, running stride and breathing.

Start w/ 400m (route below) run then:

Merkins x5, Wide Merkins x5, Diamond Merkins x5, Stagger Left Merkins x5, Stagger Right Merkins x5.

Rinse and repeat for 5 Rounds.

After last set of Merkins, mosey over to Short Mile finish line and wait for 6.

Finished off with an 800m (route below) run.

MoM: Noodle’s definition of Mary is certainly not the same as others.

Impossible Merkin – Maintain form. Starting in the Up position, slowly lower down for 60 secs. Once down, maintain plank and slowly raise up for 60 secs. Ended up at about 1 min, 20 secs combined time.

People’s Chair for time, Plank for time.

CoR: YoYoRabbit, Bloomer, Panhandle, Smokey, Da Vinci, Banks, Gummi Bear, Tortuga, Hotbox, Shiplap, Wet Burrito, Sparrow, Big Mac, T-bone, Crash, Crack, Noodles (QIC).

CoT: Prayers for our places of employment. Prayers for the group that we may continue to hold each other accountable to the workouts and our families. Continue to encourage one another and push each other.

400m route:


800m route: