IPC Week 3 @ The Tar Pit

We decided to kick off the morning earlier than usual to make sure we ended on time. It was a beautiful morning and the temps were perfect for an IronPAX beatdown. As the PAX arrived they stretched on their own to make sure we had enough time to complete the workout

WOR: Quick 20 IC count of SSH – Explanation of IPC week 3

The Thang:

400 M Run

100 Merkins

400 M Run

90 Squats

400 M Run

80 Merkins

400 M Run

70 Squats

400 M Run

60 Merkins

400 M Run

50 Squats

400 M Run

40 Merkins

400 M Run

30 Squats

400 M Run

20 Merkins

400 M Run

10 Squats

800 M Run

PAX: Captain Crunch, Big Mac, Banks, T-Bone, DaVinci, Wet Burrito, Shiplap, Katniss, Gummi Bear, Archive, Saga, Tortuga, Sparrow, Crack

COT: Hat off to all of the PAX today. We all pushed hard and got stronger. Many complete PRs for merkins! Praise the Lord for the day, the AO, the leadership and integrity of the group. We give great praise to our 2.0s and M’s for all they do that allows us to workout.

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