9.18.2020 — EC Yoga Day, take 4!

As Shred-tember continues the valiant HIMs of F3-Wheaton have been making their mark. In order to survive the remainder of the month and keep pushing, they paused to limber up and catch their breath for the road ahead. And also to get one more coveted EC point.

Panhandle, Wet Burrito, Banks, DaVinci, and Crunch followed the flow set by their trusted yogi, Yoo Toob Vedayo. Mainly a reprise of the previous weeks to stretch out those legs and hips, YHC did add some slight modifications for warmth (it was 51 degrees at the start) and some upper-body spice with some extra sun-salutations and Crow-pose practice.

All in all another good day of limbering up despite the chill. We’ll see how next week goes as we round out Shred-tember!

COR/NOR/COT: prayers for Mrs. DaVinci on her birthday! — for Panhandle’s friends, one awaiting a cancer diagnosis and another with a court hearing — for the health of the group and Archive’s family in particular as they await testing results