9.28 Favorite Characters

7 PAX (Archive QIC, Banks, Big Mac, Captain Crunch, Da Vinci, Sparrow, TBTF) enjoyed a nice moist morning with some of their favorite pals.

WOR: 2 Minute Plank. Banks was not pleased.

Thangs: Ruck between each spot.

Route 66- Shoulder to Shoulder Thrusters

Dan Taylor

Welsh Dragons at the Lair

Finished up with a 2 Minute Plank and 3 Burpees


COT- Prayers for a good start to the week, for Archive’s review (belated), and thanks for F3.

Moleskine- It was so good to get back to work with the PAX. The mumblechatter was really good and Da Vinci/Sparrow/Big Mac in particular raising the IQ of the group. Banks and I not so much.