10.01.2020 “Ode to Shredtember”

It was the worst of times and it was the best of times. It was the worst of times because shredtember was over. And it was the best of times because shredtember was over. It has been nice to sleep in without threat of a point docked against you in a punitive manner. This week we perhaps are all a bit more productive at work, as we need not look at our phone every few minutes fearing that we may miss an EC session. However, this week our numbers are down as many of us miss such workout sessions on account of our new freedom. While others of us such as bigmac and wetburrito continue to call ECs, albeit wet burrito also partakes in sleep during such sessions.

As I said before, our numbers have been down comparatively, but not on this day. A large crowd gathered this day in the anticipation of who would be announced as Mr. Shredtember. Large crowds at times lead to mobs which at times leads to looting, and today was no exception.

To warmup we jogged in pairs through through the west end of the AO, sharing something that we have been working hard on as of late with our running mate. As we crossed the last bridge and approached our coupons, coupons that were planned to be the foundation of today’s q session, we were shocked, stopped in our tracks, and flabbergasted to realize that not one coupon was there. They had been pillaged. Somewhere, some 15 or so guys are working out with our coupons and laughing because they didn’t have to pay the $1.50 per block like we fools did. We contemplated calling the police, but didn’t want anyone to go to jail on our account.

We quickly collected ourselves and found our bearings.

Warm Up Part 2: we performed 7 motivators and 10 burpees.

The thang:

Split up into three teams.

Teams moved from six different stations beginning from the westernmost bridge and ending at the southern most bridge. Teams had to move utilizing the bear crawl, lunge, and crabwalk in between stations. The following were completed at the respective stations:

station 1: 30 burpees

station 2: 40 spiderman pushups

station 3: 50 jungle bois

station 4: 60 bouncing betties- jumping lunges

station 5: 70 imaginary block leg overs

station 6: 80 squats

Team one finished first and was able to knock out 18 pullups while waiting for the other teams.

NOR/COT: Many paxs were here today as the video will show, including an FNG, who is new no longer; Quarter. Great to have everyone here.

Shiplap and Archive announced the winner of shredtember. It was and it is Davinci. The block he was presented with is beautiful and glorious and a true work of art. We were all very much moved. We wanted to hug but did not, due to social distancing. Songs were sung, photos were taken, tapestry’s were painted. poems were penned, and a legend was born today. We also thanked the founder of the feast; shiplap, for making shredtember possible.

NOR/COT: When I asked for prayer requests, captain crunch scolded all of us for sleeping in so much during the past three days. No rest for the weary. Amen.

PS: Crunch in all sincerity thanks for holding the line. Wetburrito you were an animal at shredtember last month and if anyone deserves a fartsack it is you. Davinci I am very happy you won shredtember. Nice job to Tortuga as well coming in a close second.