The Da Vinci Code is about 10,000

19 PAX (including an FNG) enjoyed a warm spike on October 6th as we achieved 10,000 reps together under the moon between an unusually bright Mars and Venus.

Warmorama: Motivators, Batwings, and then leg stretch as we broke through to Zeta in the Greek alphabet as we make our way through the alphabetized sayings of the Desert Fathers (I’m using this edition but there’s a free PDF version here).

“A brother asked Abba Euprepius about life and he said, ‘Eat hay, wear hay, sleep on hay, and acquire a heart of steel.” Yes, the desert fathers go a good bit overboard, but if you showed up today, sleep is but hay to you.

10 burpees (x20 pax, rounded up for mathematical ease) = 200

Burpee Road (5 stations of 10 burpees) = 1000

Abba Euprepius got robbed and chased down the thieves to offer his staff that they forgot: Lesson is radical generosity.

Baseball BOMBS (home: 20 burpees; 1st base: 30 outlaws; 2nd base: 40 merkens; 3rd base: 50 BBSU; pitcher’s mound: 60 squats) = 4000

Rinse and repeat = 4000 (we were a bit short but we made it up with LBCs)

Total count was (about) 10,000

Our FNG is now Jolly (short for Jolly Good Fellow as he is a fellow in the accounting world). Prayers for schools, for a family struggling with cancer, for baby Archive. We concluded with Abba Zeno’s counsel to pray for one’s enemies with all your heart. That’ll burn more than a thousand burpees.