New Beginnings: 10.7.20 – Tar Pit

It was an especially clear and beautiful morning at the Tar Pit this morning. YHC showed up around 5:15 and to my surprise Sparrow (who didn’t HC) was already stretching and preparing for the beatdown. I would also like to welcome the newest member of F3 Wheaton, Mose. He has been commuting to Naperville the past month and now is ready to join us as he lives in Glen Ellyn. Welcome Mose!

PAX: Mose (welcome), Sparrow, Big Mac, Captain Crunch, Da Vinci,

QIC: Shiplap

WOR: Motivators x7, Goof Balls IC x 15, Abe Vigoda x 15, Arm Circle Circuit OYO, Tricep Stretch OYO

Thang 1: Burpee Mile
Moseyed around the Tar Pit stopping 4 times to complete 12 Burpees

Thang 2: Beach Body Dora x 2
Accumulated Reps with a partner – While partner 1 runs up the stairs and down the ramp, partner 2 completes the exercises.

200 Coup[on Shoulder Press
400 Coupon Press
600 Coupon Curls

COT/NOR: We give praise for the group, our attitudes, and our beautiful new AO. We pray for motivation at work, at workouts, and in all phases of life.

Moleskin: Since Shred-tember ended I have lacked my normal motivation. If I were working out on my own, last week would have been the week I stopped. Only because of this group I still showed up. This week started the same, but DaVinci’s Q and then doing my own Q today really turned it around. I feel the energy and enthusiasm back and I’m ready to rock and roll. It’s proof that this group allows each one of us to push harder and keep us more engaged than by ourselves. If any of you are feeling a lack of motivation I challenge you to sign up for a couple Q’s – It will get you out of the funk!