Consider it pure joy…


Thursday, 10-8-20

19 PAX came out this morning for the 5:30 AM beatdown at MASTODON.  Weather was about perfect.  Tortuga was a little nervous for his first big Q.

Theme was James 1:2.  “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, when you face trials of many kinds.”

Warm o Rama:

IC 7xMotivators, 15x Tappy Taps, 20xGoofballs

OYO arm circles, Michael Phelps

Thang#1: Mosey to Dan Taylor Alley.  Teams of three PAX.  First PAX does 20xBonnie Blairs (each leg = 1).  Second PAX does Bobby Hurleys and third PAX does Nolan Ryans until Bonnie Blairs are finished.  Switch roles.  AMRAP

Thang#2: Mosey to Hoffa.  15xSlow dips IC, 20xslow squats IC, 10x slow lunges IC. (I got bored at this point and decided to move on.  Had planned on more and slower reps.)

Thang#3: Mosey to Dan Taylor Alley.  Broad jump burpees from sidewalk to lamps across the field.  Once first PAX made it all the way (Big Mac), everyone else moseyed over.  Plank for the six.

Thang#4: Mosey to Hoffa.  Teams of three PAX.  First PAX does 10xside pull ups on swing sets.  Side Pull up: torso is perpendicular to the bar.  Raise your head next to one side of the bar.  Dip below the bar and raise your head on the other side.  (each side = 1).  

Second PAX does shoulder taps and third PAX does flutter kicks until side pull ups are finished.  Switch roles.  AMRAP

Swing sets were higher than I remembered and wet.  (When asked for modification options, I suggested some for the flutter kicks and the shoulder taps.  Not helpful.)  Options for modifying the side pull ups – merkins or decline merkins.  AMRAP

CoR: Archive, Panhandle, T-Bone, Sparrow, Double Beef n’ Cheddar, Big Mac, Captain Crunch, Jolly, Gummi Bear, Shamu, Noodles, TBTF, Cookies, Smokey,Hot Box, DaVinci, Wet Burrito, Saga, and Tortuga (VQ – not counting really small EC’s).

COT: Praise for God’s faithfulness in Hot Box’s job search.  New position has been secured!  Prayers for Sparrow’s son who broke his arm falling out of a tree yesterday.  (It was the landing that caused the break, not the actual fall.)  Archive’s wife is due super soon.  DaVinci is going to jail. (He’s not, but that’s what @Gummi Bear heard.)  In all seriousness: prayers for some legal issues DaVinci is in the midst of.