10.12.2020 – Furiouz Noodles

8 PAX showed for Monday Ruck Club. I took a little motivation from Fellow HIM, Gummi Bear and a post about themes and goals. I wanted to challenge myself to be creative in delivering a Q that incorporated the following components: Mental, Physical, Tempo, Strength. I left out the Social component because I tend to get in my own zone and stick to business. I like to keep my Pre-Blasts simple and leave PAX guessing. Thank you Gummi Bear for the inspiration. I think I went a little Fast & Furious.

WoR: Ruck Off – Motivators x7, Arm Circles x10, R, L leg stretch, Center stretch, Malasana Yoga Pose

Thang 1: Everyday Shuffle

Ruck mixed in with some shuffling. Started on the Archive mile route, turned left at the Short mile end point and proceeded to the Poolhouse parking lot. Aimed for pace and time. 8.5 minutes for time (according to my watch).

Thang 2: Poolhouse Rock

We continued with the shuffle at the Poolhouse parking lot. PAX to run from one end of the lot to the other. Up and down the stairs at each end. Finish off with 1 of 2 PT exercises after each set of stairs.

Round 1 – Merkins/Squats x30 each

Round 2 – Shoulder Taps/Flutter Kicks x30 each

Round 3 – Ruck High Pulls/Lunges x30 each

Thang 3: Hoffa Lane – Burpee & Ruck Toss

Shuffled back. PAX lined up along the path facing Hoffa. PAX to perform a combination burpee/ruck toss. Perform a burpee in front of ruck and on the way up, lift ruck to press position and toss forward. PAX to reach the base of Hoffa, rinse and repeat back to the path for time.

Moseyed back to the flag.

NoR: Banks, Sparrow, Da Vinci, Cookies, Double Beef & Cheddar (DBC), Big Mac, Captain Crunch, Noodles (Q).

CoT: Prayers for our Supreme Court so that God May provide them with the knowledge and wisdom as the go through their appointment process. Prayers for Big Mac’s friend and she goes through another round of chemo treatment. Prayers for overall job search process and for God to reveal his plans and opportunities to us.

Moleskin: Today’s workout was based on inspiration. F3 allows for all PAX to lead and eventually compare strengths and weaknesses. It is also great to know that there will always be someone pushing and motivating you. “Way to push Noodles”, “Noodles, you are an inspiration”, “Great job Noodles”. These are some of the words that keep me going when my body and mind are telling me to quit or stop. Today was another opportunity to lead and be the one to offer that same support to newer members (Cookies, DBC, Da Vinci, Big Mac) and old (Captain Crunch, Banks, Sparrow). I can’t forget Gummi Bear, thank you for the inspiration.