10/10/2020 – Backblast – #S.A.T.urday edition, October 10th, 5:30am, @ Tarpit

64 degrees at arrival, a serendipitous number, the square of 8, the cube of 4, and the sixth power of 2. Even the weather desired to demonstrate its mental aptitude as did 7 faithful PAX (Shiplap, Banks, Da Vinci, Noodles, Tortuga, Mose, & BigMac).

Warmup: motivators, mountain man poopers, tappy taps, good mornings, arm circles

Mosey to the field.

The Test: Section A – (AKA Thang 1)

Each HIM takes turns choosing one of the available exercises (Goblet squats, Rows, Blockbees, Bonnie Blairs, Derkins, Overhead press, Murder Bunnies). Then the Q gives a question and all PAX perform 10x the number of PAX who answered incorrectly of the exercise chosen (or 5x for the blockbees).

  1. What is the official term for a duel between 3 people (a “truel”) – Tortuga answered correctly, Shiplap chose blockbees – 25x
  2. Why are there 100 folds in a chefs hat? They represent 100 ways to cook an egg, once you know them, you can wear the hat…unfortunately none of us knew that so 60 rows (Banks)
  3. Which country has the unicorn as their national animal? (Scotland) again no one answered correctly so 60 Bonnie Blairs (Tortuga)
  4. What is the most common state bird? The cardinal (only 2 incorrect answers), 20 murder bunnies (Noodles)
  5. What is the painting ‘La Gioconda’ More usually known as? The Mona Lisa (100% correct) but we did 20 derkins anyways, #overachievers (Da Vinci…duh)
  6. Which bone are babies born without? Knee cap (is that a bone…) 60 goblet squats (Mose)
  7. What is the most expensive home in the world? Buckingham Palace (Mose got it correct!) 50 overhead presses

The Test: Section B – (AKA Thang 2)

All HIMs guess a numerical answer and then everyone does the difference between the actual number and the worst guess.

About how many grapes go into a bottle of wine? 700 (worst guess was 200 off) 200 air squats.

How many Grammys did Elvis win? 3 (worst guess was 17 off) 17 burpees

Approximately how much does a blue whale’s heart weight? 400 lbs (worst guess was really really far off) 200 lunges

What fraction of the speeches in Shakespeare’s plays are by women? 17% (farthest off – 90%) 73 big boy situps

How many states in the Estados Unidos de Mexico? 32 (farthest off 7) 25 coupon swings.

Thang 3: 8 minutes of abs

No breaks:

25 crunchy frogs

25 bicycles forward

25 bicycles backwards

25 wide-leg up and out cross sit-ups

25 slow 4-count flutter-kicks

25 alternating sit-up V-reach

50 American Hammers (both sides counts as 1)

Corrective: lawn-mowers

Exam Results: We’re not necessarily good at random trivia, but we’re happy to make up for it in hard work. 100% all around.

Moleskin – Life is full of choices but what is freedom? Classical view – the ability to fulfill the purpose for which you exist, Modern view – A removal of constraint on your decision making.

CoT – Praise for great weather and a happy ending to Da Vinci’s legal matters.

Thanks for a great morning!