Encourage one another and build one another up


Saturday, 10-17-20

14 PAX came out this morning for the 7:00 AM beatdown at MASTODON.  Temps in the low 40’s as the sun rose over picturesque Northside Park.

Theme was I Thessalonians 5:11.  “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

Warm o Rama:

IC 20xGoofballs, 20x mountain climbers, 15x Tappy Taps, 20x Abe Vigodas, clock lunges – left leg stays put, lunge forward with right to 12 o’clock, sideways to 3, back to 6.  Switch legs, 12, 9, 6.  Two rounds IC.

OYO 10 burpees

Mosey together over to Dan Taylor Alley.

Today’s beatdown was a modified millennium.  We had ten different exercises over the course of the morning with varying lengths of moseying in between sets.  Each new exercise was completed with a new partner.

First up were 100 total Bonnie Blairs with a partner.  We partnered up and one person did the Bonnie Blairs while the other counted.  Two legs = one rep.  Switch as often as you like.  (I tweaked something in my right hip flexor at our #80.  Wet Burrito was kind enough to finish out the set for us.)  When the first pair finished 100 reps, we stopped and moseyed across the field.

#2: 200 total shoulder taps.  Partners both went at the same time.  When one reached 100, they checked in with their partner and helped reach the 200 total.  First pair to finish stood up and did Al Gores.  Once two pairs finished we all moseyed to one soccer goal.

#3: 100 burpos – burpee without the standing and jumping.  At the same time.  When one reached 50, they checked in with their partner and helped reach the 100 total.  Three pairs finished – mosey to the next soccer goal. 

#4: 200 American Hammers.  Four pairs finish – mosey.

#5 100 Bobby Hurleys.  Five pairs finish – mosey.

#6 100 Hinge Jumps.  Four pairs finish – No mosey!

#7 200 flutter kicks, two legs= one rep.  When one pair finished, they helped another pair reach their 200 until 200 reps completed for each pair. 2800 total for the whole group. Mosey to Hoffa.

#8 100 Elbow plank reach, one arm = one rep.  This started as two arms = one rep with 200 total, or something like that.  Modified halfway through once I realized these were harder than I thought they’d be.  Three (?) pairs finish – mosey up Hoffa.

#9 200 Seal Jacks.  One partner at a time, other counts, switch whenever. Four pairs finish, mosey back down Hoffa.

#10 100 Burpees.  OYO.  Every burpee must be finished.  14 PAX = 1400 total burpees.  When I got to 50, I announced that the 10 warm up burpees counted toward your total burpee count.  When you finished your own 100, you did some bonus burpees for a fellow PAX to get their total up to 100.

Walked back to flags.

Verse of the morning was repeated often throughout the beatdown as I pushed these men to continue to encourage each other, as they were already doing.  Thankfully, my hip flexor pain did not interfere with the rest of the workout.  (It’s good and sore now as I write this.)

CoR: Archive, T-Bone, Sparrow, Double Beef n’ Cheddar, Captain Crunch, Jolly, Smokey, Wet Burrito, Saga, Crack, Crash, K-Pop, Jäzz Hӓndz, and Tortuga (Q).

COT: Archive’s new 2.0 is due Thursday.  The baby is off to the side of the womb which is not the ideal position.  Prayers for movement between now and delivery.  Students are coming back to in-person learning at Smokey’s school.  Jӓzz Hӓndz is continuing to struggle to sleep.  T-Bone’s friend is going through late stages of cancer.  Thanks for bodies that work and good friends to push us.

Extras (Is this called moleskin?):  During one of the moseys, Sparrow commented on how nice Northside Park is for F3.  In Alabama, they were running through neighborhoods, stopping on blind curves to do burpees in the road, etc.  We also had a discussion about instituting the “Good Morning” rule on moseys: whenever the group encounters others during a mosey, we greet them with, “Good Morning.”  If we get a, “Good morning,” in return we immediately do a predetermined number of burpees (Q’s choice).  If the person does any with us, the number doubles.  Saga almost got a name change to “Manogram.”  You’ll have to ask him why.