10.17.20 @ The Tar Pit

Gummi Bear was looking for a replacement Q to take over his beatdown and I was happy to jump on it quickly. It was a beautiful morning in Glenn Ellyn and the only thing standing in-between some F2 and a hot cup of Joe was a beatdown brought to you by yours truly. To be completely honest, it wasn’t my best effort, but we all pushed hard and got better.

WOR: Lap around the Tar Pit, Picking daisey’s, left/right quad stretch, arm circles whith YHC explained the stations

Thang 1: Sandbag and Coupon Stations
One PAX at each station, each station started at the same time and finished at the same time, we rotated until each PAX did each station
Station 1: x 10 reps
Burpees, Outlaws, Merkins, BBSU, Squats, Ab of choice for the 6
Station 2: x 20 reps
Curl and Press, Lunges, Coupon obliques, Rows, close grip bench, ab of choice for the 6
Station 3: x 30 reps
Calf raises, flutter kicks, curls, skull crushers, LBC, ab of choice for the 6
Station 4: Until all 3 other stations are done
Clean and throw the sandbag for distance back and forth on the parking lot.

Thang 2: Dora vs Flora
The PAX partnered up and completed the following Dora style, while PAX 1 completed the exercise PAX2 ran across the parking lot and back
100 Burpees
200 BBSU
300 Coupon Press
200 Rows
100 Curls
Finished with a run around the track

NOR: Big Mac, Panhandle, Katniss, Shiplap (Q)

COT: We prayed for a great weekend and praised the lord for our health an physicals abilities.

MOLESKIN: This was a workout I planned in my head that I thought would be a great beatdown both in strength training and for cardio. I originally didn’t plan on the Dora vs Flora but Thang 1 was just too easy. I was trying to play off a similar Banks beatdown but I was 1 sandbag too short. Make some necessary Q adjustments and all ended well!