11/10 “MARK OF THE BANKS” @ AO Mastodon

On a 66º November morning (how could we not go into beast mode and feel the burn), an attempt was made to make our Nantan proud as he showed us the glory of a vow and commitment to his M. 15 PAXs in attendance: Captain Crunch, Da Vinci, Tortuga (respect), Panhandle, T-Bone, TBTF, Noodles, Double Beef n’ Cheddar, Bloomer, Katniss, Gummi Bear, Jolly, Shiplap, Sparrow, SAGA (Q)

WOR: 6 Motivators – a sign of what was to come… | mtn. climbers | bat wings | goof balls

THANG 1: 5 groups of 3 PAX – pull-ups / push-ups / squats in rotating fashion through the following rounds of reps: 1) 10 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 30 squats; 2) 15 pull-ups, 30 push-ups, 45 squats; 3) 20 pull-ups, 40 push-ups, 60 squats; 4) 25 pull-ups, 50 push-ups, 75 squats; 5) 30 pull-ups, 60 push-ups, 90 squats

TOTAL = 100 push-ups + 200 push-ups + 300 squats = 600 reps

THANG 2: burpee run – +1 burpee at each lamp post (1, then 2, then 3, until 9 posts are hit) then 10 burpees at bottom of Hoffa, run the hill, finish with 11 burpees at the top

TOTAL = 66 burpees


2 minutes of MARY on the top of Hoffa = 50 flutter kicks + 2 nipple scrappers to end

CoR/NoR/Cot: Continued prayers for our country, the orphans in Zimbabwe, COVID wisdom, our schools, Ms & 2.0s

Moleskin: the gift our our freedom and gratitude for those who have died for our country – call to be proud but not prideful and a reminder that you can do hard things.

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