Let the Stars Align

It was a brisk morning at AO Mastodon and our first time splitting up the Q due to the increase in Covid cases. I was excited that Sparrow was my secondary Q because I knew he would deliver on the beatdown I had Planned. We broke up into groups of 7 once all PAX arrived.

WOR: Group 1 (Shiplap Q) moseyed to the pool house parking lot with coupons in hand to begin the warm up. Sparrow’s group Moseyed to the other large parking lot by the baseball diamond.
SSH IC x 40, Goof Balls IC x 15, sitting hamstring stretch (middle, right, left), arm circles forward and backward

The Thang: Star course of 6 stations. After a PAX completes a station they transport their coupon to the middle of the parking lot anyway they wish besides walking and complete 5 burpees.
Stations: Durkins, BBS, Rows, Curls, Skull Crushers, American Hammers. The first time around we did 40 reps and then progressed down by 10 each round. Both groups finished 2 full rounds

NOR: Sparrow, Saga, Tortuga, TBTF, Jolly, Katniss, Noodles, T-Bone, Captain Crunch, Big Mac, Panhandle,

COT: Prayed for a the health and safety for everyone as covid continues to increase. We prayed for Cookies and Hotbox, and gave praise for the ability to continue to work out.