Jacketpot Week two finale

Several PAX posted to finish off their Jackedpot. Saga came to finish off two in a row!


Saturday, AO Mastodon, 7am, 11/14/20

We split into two groups per COVID guidelines.  PAX chose between “hills” or “distance”.  Seven chose hills, six chose distance, three late arrivals weren’t given a choice and got stuck with distance. 


WOR IC 7 count motivators, 10 tappy taps, 10 goof balls, 6 merkins, arm circles on one leg OYO.

Thang 1: Go with it

All PAX start with SSH OYO.  First PAX calls a block exercise (in this case: derkins) and does one rep.  Once he finishes his first rep, PAX to his right switches to that exercise.  Continue until all are doing derkins.  Last PAX to start the derkins starts the wave with a new exercise. Rinse and repeat until all have called something new.  “Go With It” was first introduced by Sparrow several weeks ago.

Thang 2: Mosey and burpees.  

We moseyed a winding random pattern around the AO stopping at most open spaces to do at least ten burpees.  At the monkey bars PAX took turns going down and back while those waiting their turn completed 30 burpees.  More moseying, more burpees.  At the wide upright ladder just south of the northeast bridge, PAX took turns climbing up and over.  While waiting, get in 30 more burpees.  Two rounds of going over allowed us to get in the 30.  Sparrow and DBC attempted to climb over feet first on their second round.  DBC (hate) was relatively successful.  More moseying, more burpees.  

Mary: Finished with 40 flutter kicks IC.  Before moseying back to the parking lot, we did ten more burpees.  This elicited an, “Are you serious?” from Jäzz Händz.  Final burpee count: somewhere around 175.

NOR: DBC, Sparrow, Jäzz Händz, Nickerdoodle, Smokey, Archive, Noodles, Saga, Tortuga (Q).

COT: Prayers for Jäzz Händz and continued sleep issues as well as his M’s job search, COVID spikes, Smokey’s job situation (still waiting for a formal offer from new school district, might decide to stay in his current position), Archive and his M are still recovering from their disturbing experience in the hospital with their newest child.

Burpee challenge was dropped after COT: ten more!  A few PAX accepted said challenge.  Most ignored it and went to enjoy donuts generously supplied by Panhandle.  Thanks, Panhandle!



Thang 1: Go with it – two rounds

Thang 2: 30 minute time cap, AMRAP

10 blockees base of Hoffa

20 BBSU top of Hoffa

10 pull-ups at the pullup bars.

Rinse and repeat.

Big Mac slipped off the pull up bar while doing an aggressive kip and landed square on the back of his head.  T-Bone came close to calling 911.  Big Mac and Loafers took a slow walk around the AO.  Big Mac was feeling recovered by COT.

NOR- Saga, Big Mac, Loafers, Noodles, TBTF, Jolly, Tbone (Q2)

COT: Big Mac’s hard fall on his head, Orphans, School issues with remote learning and holidays in flux.