11.18.2020 – Wednesday Night Lights

Today was my first Q at AO Tarpit. I had to spend some time looking over the Exicon to come up with something appropriate for the day. 8 PAX made the commitment. Today’s workout was definitely different for me. Coupons Not Needed but hopefully still delivered on a good beatdown.

WoR: Malasala Yoga Pose, Butterfly Yoga Pose, Tappy Taps, R Leg Stretch, L Leg Stretch, Center Stretch

What better way to break in my first Q at AO Tarpit than with a mosey around.

Thang 1 – 1st & 10

100 yard field marked at 10 yard increments. Perform 10 Merkins, 1 Burpee (11’s) at the 10, sprint the remaining 90 yards. Recover mosey back to the 20. Perform 9 Merkins, 2 Burpees, sprint the remaining 80 yards, recover mosey to the 30. Repeat until all 100 yards and 11’s have been completed. Plank/core exercise until remaining PAX complete.

Thang #2 – Deconstructed Burpees

Burpees broken down into pieces. Squats, Leg thrusts, Merkins, Leg thrusts, then Up. Four rounds. Each round consisting of the following:

10 Squats, 10 Leg thrusts, 10 Merkins, 10 Leg thrusts. In this case, the Up consisted of an AYG sprint up our AO ramp, “Hilltopper”.

CoR: SAGA, Big Mac, T-bone, Tortuga, Wet Burrito, Shiplap, Da Vinci, Noodles (QIC).

CoT: Praise for Big Mac’s recovery from his fall. Prayers for all the orphans in Zimbabwe and around the world, that God continue to provide. Prayers for Wet Burrito and the stress of having one of his employee part ways, may God continue to reveal his plan and what he has in store for Wet Burrito. Prayers for our schools and their leadership as they are faced with difficult decisions in the foreseeable future, that they make decisions for the best interest of all parties: students, parents, schools.