11.16.2020 Backblast: Ruck Club Monday Murph Variation

9 Pax Posted:  Crack, TBTF, Hotbox, Da Vinci, Saga, Panhandle, Cookies, Sparrow and Gummibear. 

Warm Up: 

Calf stretches 

10 MMP I/C 

10 Abe Vigodas I/C 

10 Shoulder Touches I/C 

Walk over to pull up bars 


Pax shuffled/Ran to Downtown Wheaton Public Parking garage to the top and back to the AO (2.5 miles total). With time remaining tried to knock out as many sets of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats. 

Time was constrained a bit due to longer run. Most paxs accomplished between 5-7 sets with the high being 9 sets completed. 


Prayers for Cracks family making some key decisions, prayers for Dupage Country and Covid Numbers, prayers for Big Mac, Bank’s family, Shiplaps father. Gummibear is trying to go cold turkey on TV/media viewing through the end of year, beginning today, with exception of Xmas movies with family.