11/26 – AO Mastodon – “Turkey Burner”

PAX – 10 PAX in attendance – Tortuga, TBTF, DBC, Beaker, HotBox, Jolly, T-Bone, Crack, SAGA, Crash


WoR – SSH (x15 IC), Abe Vigota (x10 IC), Imperial Walkers (x10 IC), MMPoopers (x10 IC), Slow Merkin (x10 IC)XMoseyed to the base of ‘Hoffa where the beatdown commenced


Thang 1 –

  • Coupon Circuit x2 – 15 Block-pees, 20 Goblet Squats, 25 Coupon Curls, 30 Shoulder Press, 100 SSH, sprint hill/touch fence, mosey back, Merkin for the six
  • Turkey Leg burner circuit x1 – 15 Burpees (no coupon), 15 Star Jumps, 25 BW Squats, Lunge up hill, 100 SSH at top of hill, mosey down, Merkin for the six

Thang 2 –

  • Turkey Trot – mosey to the pool house and back to the path on the opposite side of the field in front of Hoffa
  • Turkey Hunt (named after the beatdown)- Goal was to sprint across the field and up ‘Hoffa. Tortuga was volunteered to be the “hunter” and the remaining PAX were the “hunted – or the turkeys to stick with the theme”. The remaining PAX got a 3 second headstart. After 3 seconds Tortuga sprinted the field/Hoffa. Anyone he was able to pass did 5 burpees. All PAX met at the top of ‘Hoffa.

We then moseyed to flag


CoT – health and safety during the holiday season. I may have forgotten a few requests but as Gummi Bear once said…God is all knowing and he heard you 🙂