Ruck Club: walking only


Ruck Club, 12/7/20, 5:30am, AO Mastodon

Submitted by Tortuga (Q).

Ten PAX posted for a pleasant ruck around the AO.  After a quick set of 50 jumping seal jacks, we split into two groups.  Each group had at least one GPS to track their travels.  The goal was to draw some pictures with their routes that would show up on their Strava mapping.

My group started with an attempt at a turtle.  From there we continued around the AO with four or five other attempts at drawings.  Different PAX led each attempt.  Banks led the big one on the back field.  None of us had a clue what he drew until the map was posted.

We did no extra work.  Walking only.  It was bliss.  Several PAX expressed their hope to knock out a jackedpot this week.

As we gathered by the flag I was pleasantly surprised to see my M and a 2.0 in attendance.  They came at 6:00AM with munchkins to kick off my 51st birthday!  Rock stars!

NOR: Shiplap, Cookies, Sparrow, TBTF, Wet Burrito, Olaf, Captain Crunch, DaVinci, Hot Box, Banks, Jolly, Archive, Katniss, T-bone, Panhandle, Jackie (my M), Tortuga (Q)

COT: Thanks for good friends to ruck with, bodies that work, and a God who loves us.