2020 Ritual Burial

Tbone, Sparrow, Shiplap, Tortuga, Banks, Jolly, Big Mac, Noodles, Panhandle, Archive, Wet Burrito, Bloomer, Capn’ Crunch, Beaker, Cookies, TBTF, Catniss, Da Vince (Q) materialized for a December 8 ritual burial of the year 2020. Of course we dutifully split into two groups to maintain social distancing protocol.

Warm up: Arm circles and Abe Vagodas in Cadence

Newly invented exercise: Party Burpees (Side Straddle Hop during Party Rock, do a burpee every time you hear “Party Rock,” switch from Side Straddle Hops to Goofballs when you hear “hating is bad”, but keep doing the Burpees at Party Rock).

The Thang: Partner up, break up into two lines. One group runs up the hill, the other runs to the bleacher by the baseball diamond to catch a glimpse of hope for 2021. Meanwhile 2020 is put to rest. Partners perform the following sequence (while other partner runs). If you finish early, help another group finish their reps.

DIG THE GRAVE: 100 grave diggers


TEST THE TOMB: 300 derkens


Conclusion: Lie in corpse pose. Slowly rise to Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve. When beat commences, partners do 20 burpees and 21 burpees to spell 2021.

COT: We are all the way to Theta as we work through the sayings of the desert fathers. This time it’s a mother named Theodora: “As trees do not bear fruit if they do not undergo winter storms and rains, so for us this age is winter. We will not be able to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven other than through many afflictions and temptations.”

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