12/22/2020 – AO Mastodon – 3 Days before Christmas Beatdown

  • PAX – 9 HIMs in attendance
  • WoR – SSHx20, Michael Phelps (30 seconds), Abe Vigodas x10, Arm Circles/Claps (6 variations; approx 20 seconds each)
  • Tha Thang we did a 3 part workout representing the 3 days remaining until Christmas, then another thang, then another thang
  • 3 Days left = 1 round of S.A.N.T.A. (Squats x25, Arms Up/Hand Release Merkins x25, Near Neck/Shoulder Taps x25 each side, Twitch/Flutter Kicks x25 each leg, Abs/LBCs x50), followed by 5 burpees, a Bear Crawl up Hoffa, and a Man Rise (indicating the end of the day)
  • 2 Days left = 1 round of C.L.A.U.S. (Climbers/Mountain x25 each side, Lunges x25, American Hammers x50, Ups/Big Boy Sit x25, Seal Jacks x25), followed by 5 burpees, a Bear Crawl up Hoffa, and a Man Rise (indicating the end of the day)
  • 1 Day left = 1 round of S.A.N.T.A. C.L.A.U.S. (half reps from prior rounds), followed by 5 burpees but we did not end the day with the Man Rise because there was work still to be done.
  • Then it was time to deliver the presents around the world (the AO in this case) – the PAX moseyed around the Archive mile; every HIM had 3 burpees to dole out to the PAX along the way; all in all the PAX gifted themselves and each other 27 burpees over the course of the mile mosey; The last approx 100 yard was a sprint.
  • We finished off the beatdown with a “4AM Wakeup” to represent what those of us with young 2.0s can expect on Christmas morning (and those past this phase can relate to). Starting in “Jolly” position for 3 seconds, we did a BBS, then the last half of a burpee ending in the jump (I should have made this a star jump representing how “excited” we are to get up at 4AM; where were you on that one @Katniss). We did 5.
  • NoR -Tortuga, Jolly, Crack, Captain Crunch, Katniss, SAGA, Da Vinci, Panhandle, TBTF
  • CoT – prayers for Captain’s in-laws traveling in for the holidays, SAGAs recovery from a rough morning in the gloom, and for general wellness and happiness of the community and the PAX
  • Moleskin – today’s exercises were based on the 12 Days Of Christmas (but can not be used for the 12th day); for those that may have needed a little help getting the reps in I hope this was a boost to get you there and I will see you on Thursday for @Tortuga’s grand finale!! The true motivation behind this beatdown was knowing and understanding the goals of the PAX and the opportunity we all have and often execute against to help each other reach their goals whether you know you are doing it or not. The motivation of each other and the community of this group is why it all works. It is more than a workout.

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