12/19 – Backblast (SATurday Results)

15 PAX showed up having prepared (or not) for the big exam. In attendance: Jolly, Archive, Da Vinci, Beaker, Sparrow, DBC, TBTF, Wet Burrito, SAGA, K-Pop, Loafers, Crash, Crack, Rainman, BigMac

Warmup: Motivators and other similar activities that help to warm the mind and body.

The Test: Section A – (AKA Thang 1)

Each HIM takes turns choosing one of the available exercises (Goblet squats, Rows, Blockbees, Bonnie Blairs, hand release merkins, Overhead press, Murder Bunnies, curls, kettle bell swings, star jumps, skull crushers). Then the Q gives a question and all PAX perform 5x the number of PAX who answered incorrectly of the exercise chosen (or 3x for the blockbees). Everybody who gets it wrong runs the hill.

  1. Where were the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights stored during World War II? Hint: Army post in the south (Fort Knox)
  2. What is one of two states that don’t observe daylight savings? (Arizona and Hawaii)
  3. What was the first toy to be advertised on television? Hint: It’s a vegetable (Mr. Potato head)
  4. Which state produces nearly half of the country’s rice? Hint: It’s in the south (Arkansas)
  5. What is the loudest animal on earth? Hint: It lives in the ocean (a sperm whale)
  6. How many trees are on the earth? It’s 3 billion, 30 billion or 300 billion or 3 trillion (3 trillion)
  7. What was the first animated film to be nominated for best picture at the academy awards? (Beauty and the Beast)
  8. What is boanthropy? (A disorder that leads people to believe they are a bovine animal)
  9. Where does the term soccer come from? A) name of famous player, B) An abbreviation C) The name of a prominent field D) An acronym
  10. What fraction of the population has black or brown hair? (Get within 10%) 90%
  11. What country has the most fresh water in the world? (Brazil)

The Test: Section B – (AKA Thang 2)

All HIMs guess a numerical answer and then everyone does the difference between the actual number and the worst guess.

  1. Based on McDonald’s website, their double quarter pounder with cheese contained 19 grams of saturated fat. Based on a 2000 calorie diet, what percentage of the recommended daily allowance for saturated fat has the burger supplied? (95 %)

Shoulder taps

  • Approximately how much of the average body weight is muscle? (40%)


  • A pound of muscle burns calories x times faster than a pound of fat. What is x? (3)

Hoffa runs

  • By age 80 the average person has walked about how many miles? Round to the nearest 1000 miles. (110,000 miles)


  • How much time on average does food take to get from mouth to butt in hours? 53 hours

Seal jumps

Results: It would appear that working at a library seems like a good activity to make one better at trivia (@Archive). Unfortunately, most of us don’t work at a library so that meant a lot of other work was completed instead. Even still, everyone finished the exam and credit was given for either a correct answer or completing the exercises. So a good showing all around.

Moleskin: In many economic models, inputs to production are assumed to have a positive cross partial derivative. Basically, that means the inputs are better together, better tools make a worker more productive per hour, more fertilizer makes the land more productive in a season etc. I think F3 members have a positive cross partial derivative. Thanks for making me better!