12/26/20 BACKBLAST: Secret Santa Q @ AO Mastodon

SECRET SANTA Q  :santa::gift:
6 PAX came out to spread some Christmas cheer through the AO: Jolly, Archive, Tortuga, Da Vinci, TBTF, SAGA (Q)

We loaded up the “sleigh” with our gifts and a beautiful wingless coupon with a 12-day-beatdown stenciled on it. A few crooners in the likes of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, & Elvis opened our ears to the sounds of Christmas and caused our hearts to warm as we engaged a bit of WoR: in rounds of 12 we completed some Tappy Taps + Side Straddle Hops + Mtn. Climbers + Arm Circles + Mtn. Man. Poopers.

THE THANG: pulling our musical Christmas sleigh, we stopped at every lamppost and rotated through each PAX gifting us with a workout of his choosing in a rep count of 20. A whole variety of gifts were given: lunges, flutter kicks, merkins, burpees, squats, Bonny Blair’s, diamond merkins, derkins, nerkins, kick throughs, LBCs, big boy situps, jump squat burpees, jollies, star jumps, shoulder taps + a few more lost to memory…

Every 7th lamppost we paused for Christmas and exchanged a secret Santa gift (except that time Da Vinci got excited and we celebrated Christmas early). Once the gift exchanged took place, the lucky PAX who just received a gift earned himself 10 blockbees while the rest of the PAX celebrated the incarnation of Christ (the reason for the season) by completing birthbees until the blockbees were finished.

After 50+ minutes of circling the AO and helping others believe F3 is really something to wonder about, we ended at Hoffa to complete 20 final birthbees. However, catching the spirit of Father Christmas, SAGA gave one final gift of ending on time as we concluded wherever we were in our birthbee count and sprinted the hill in a manrise reminder that the incarnation leads to the resurrection!

Opportunities to steal presents were engaged and every PAX present not only grew stronger but left the AO with a gift from a loving brother-at-arms. For those not present, ask about the nuts!

Prayers for Archive’s M heading back to work, Tortuga’s 2.0 successful wisdom teeth removal, gratitude for no injuries in the recent explosion in Nashville, and thanksgiving for the gift of one another.