12.26.20 AO Tarpit- Presents from Archive

5 PAX for a Boxing Day Beatdown w/ presents from Archive (QIC).

WOR- 7x Motivators, Lap around Glenbard hitting every set of stairs. Gummi Bear rolled up mid lap…

The Thang: Archive had collected a variety of “gifts” (2 logs, 2 sandbags, and 5 coupons). The gifts and PAX had to get the gifts and themselves to various objectives under a time limit. Penalty reps (per weight) would be added for every 10 seconds elapsed above the time limit. Objectives:

Top of the Wheel- 2 minutes. Made it with time to spare. 10 Squats with each weight.

Center of the drop of circle- 3 minutes. Did not make it, added 50 penalty reps. 60 OH presses with each weight.

Down the stairs/10 curls per weight/back to the top- 5 minutes. Made it. 20 rows.

10 curls/ From the circle all the way bottom of the Wheel- 8 minutes. Made it with 10 seconds to spare. 10 squats/ 10 rows/ 10 squats.

COR NOR- Archive (QIC), Captain Crunch, Gummi Bear, Tortuga, Shiplap.

Moleskine- Giving thanks for F3, the community and the accountability to keep pushing myself. Love you gents! COT- Gave thanks for Tortuga’s daughter’s wisdom teeth healing up.