The Twelfth Day of Beatdown

Backblast, 12/24/20, 5:30am

AO Mastodon

On a dark, chilly morning (4 degrees with wind chill), seven brave PAX posted for the twelfth day of beatdown. It was a beautiful thing.

WOR: Goof Balls, IC x25, Tappy Taps, IC x10, skip down the parking lot and back, arm circles OYO while I explained the Thang.


Started on the grass between Hoffa and the closest bridge. All PAX completed the 110 American Hammers facing away from the bridge. As they completed their 110, they turned to face the bridge and continued with Hammers. Once the six finished his 110, we moseyed to the next bridge. We continued this pattern with 100 mountain climbers before the next bridge, 90 LBCs at the north west corner of the AO, and 80 shoulder taps before the final bridge.

Same locations for the 70 seal jacks, 60 lunges, 50 hand release merkins, and 40 Big Bois. Final four reps were along the longer loop (not longest): 30 squats, 20 flutter kicks (IC), 10 burpees, and finishing off with 120 seconds of corpse pose in a wind protected area (where Jazz Handz’ big puddle was).

NOR: Crack, T-bone, Panhandle, DaVinci, Beaker, Captain Crunch, Tortuga (Q).

COT: Prayers for extended family dynamics for T-bone and Crack over the next several days, Captain Crunch expressed thanks for this group and the blessing it continues to be for him, thanks for bodies that work, The Advent season, and a God who made us in His image (which includes being made to live in relationship to Him and others).

God is good, fellas. Merry Christmas!