BACKBLAST for 1/30/21 – “Jäzz Händz made us do several hard things and a couple other things too”

11 PAX (Archive came for first half, conveniently replaced by Banks ) gathered in the partly cloudy gloom of the last beatdown in January. YHC had some thoughtful beatdown options planned, 2/3 of Thangs went as planned…1/3 was a little lackluster due to unforeseen snow drift interruptions. Here’s what ensued:

Motivators (7)
Bat Wings IC (15 each)
• 15 x Forward Arm Circles, hold,
• 15 x Backwards Arm Circles, hold,
• 15 x seal claps, hold,
• 15 x overhead claps.
Daisy Pickers

20 seconds left, right, center

Bears, Baseball, Battlestar Galactica @ baseball diamond
Each set of 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s joined up and manned a “battle station” (a base of the baseball diamond) with their coupons, and had to collectively complete a shared amount of reps of that station’s exercises. See below. The intention was to bear crawl from station to coupon station and do a coupon drag between exercises. The backup option was to leave the coupons in place. Somehow YHC was swayed to let PAX rifle carry their coupons from station to station avoiding the bear crawls. No matter, we made up for it with Thang 3…

Execution: first station with PAX to collectively complete that station’s reps, call out “Battle Stations!” and scramble to next station (rifle carry coupons and mosey).

1. FIRST BASE – Overhead Presses (75) + Get-Ups (50)
2. SECOND BASE – Kettle Bell Swings (75) + Big Boy Sit-ups (50)
3. THIRD BASE – Grave Diggers (75) + Mount. Man Poopers IC (50)
4. HOME BASE – Chest Presses (75) + Goof Balls IC (50)

Halfway through this rotation, seeing how Home Base’s exercises were going too fast, we doubled them to help other stations to get a chance to do their reps. Each group of PAX visited each station once, then after feeling rather deflated and unimpressed with himself, YHC Jazz Handz decided to call it, and move on to the next thing, also aiding in “moving things along” so we could have room for my trademark grand finale…

Let’s set some parameters…(we missed you today Noodles!)
Mosey, leader carries the Death Die. Long mile Bataan Death March, last pax chooses: does 5 burpees or 10 merkins. Catch up, tap rear PAX, catch front runner and assume control of death die and set pace for the collective mosey.

Halt at Dan Taylor Alley. SAGA rolled the Death Die.
• If 5 or 6, do those.
• If 1–4, roll again, add both rolls together.
SAGA rolled a 4 + 5, totalling a devastating 9x Dan Taylors that spanned nearly the whole length of this alley (ending with 9 squats, and 36 lunges).

(Reminder: Dan Taylors: 1 squat followed by 4 lunges (alternating legs) in ascending order (maintaining the 1:4 ratio) until reaching final reps count set by QIC: 9 squats followed by 36 lunges).

Archive had to head to work at this point, and as if beckoned by the Nantan Spirits themselves, Banks appeared out of the gloom at just the right moment to assume the role of Archive. Simply impeccable timing! We resumed original order of the death march and rounded back towards home. End the death march at baseball diamond to assume control of our coupons once more for the grand finale, and everyone’s favorite…

Welsh Dragon (and they had BABIES since we last saw them!)

Mosey to WDL (Welsh Dragon Lair, behind the baseball diamond)
10x Welsh Dragon + coupon drag in the 6-inch+ of snow…very, very challenging!
• 4 bear crawl steps + coupon drag, 1 merkin, 1 plank jack, 1 double shoulder tap
• 4 bear crawl steps + coupon drag, 2 merkins, 2 plank jacks, 2 double shoulder taps

Considering I heard some PAX’s moans/mumblechatter that their abs were killing them, I figured this was a good replacement for Mary for the final 10 minutes.

We all finished our WD’s “flawlessly” (ok, I think the majority of us modified and our knees dropped. Though several PAX said that if you stand, sit, squat, or get in your car, your knees aren’t technically dropped…very clever…) just in the nick of time and we wrapped up right at 8:00.

Slow, exhausted coupon-laden “mosey” (zombie walk) back to the flag for…


11 (10 + 1/2 + 1/2) Pax:
@Crack, @Jolly, 1/2 @Archive + 1/2 @Banks, @SAGA, @Smokey, @double Beef ‘n Cheddar, @Tortuga, @Crash, @K-pop, @Big Mac, and @Jäzz Händz QIC

• Praise: Jazz Handz’s M has been interviewing, good traction in the job search.
• Da Vinci finishing up home stretch of his book.
• Crack/Crash/K-pop’s friend lost their dad (uncle?), difficult time
• Jazz Handz’s boss’s niece lost her dad on her 8th birthday, devastating for this little girl. Lift her up, not sure if that family knows the lord.
• There was someone who was diagnosed with cancer.

I apologize for forgetting the details of some of these prayer requests, would be appreciative if someone filled in the details in the thread on Slack below.

Due to our faithful photographers Captain Crunch and Katniss not posting, we didn’t have any live-action photos but we did get the NoR on video afterwards, so I’ll post that soon.

Had a good time leading you PAX this morning. Thankful for your drive, and your consistency in coming. It helps me get out of bed on Saturday mornings. Have fun shoveling/snow blowing your driveways this evening—stay safe and warm!

Kevin Lipp