Backblast 2/3 The PAX Learn to Count

7 PAX gathered at AO Tar Pit on a brisk Wednesday morning for a beatdown orchestrated by YHC, Beaker.


Motivators ic x7

Abe Vigodas ic x15

Tappy taps ic x10

Arm circles OYO

Thang 1a Bataan death march:

The Pax moseyed on the road from the bleachers, around the parkway/peninsula and back to the bottom of the sledding “hill”, occasionally stopping for some burpees.

Thang 2a Bear crawl 1-2-3s:

Partners worked together to complete 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 squats. While one partner was performing the exercises, the other bear crawled to the pine tree and back.

Thang 1b Bataan death march revisited:

More moseying, more burpees; we returned to our coupons at the bleachers.

Thang 2b 1-2-3s revisited:

After bringing our coupons to the base of the hill, partners completed 100 overhead presses, 200 side lunges, and 300 coupon rows. While one partner worked on the exercises, the other ran to the top of the hill and back, completing 3 SSHs at the top.


Katniss, Tortuga, Banks, Noodles, Shiplap, Big Mac, Beaker


Thanks for bodies that work, prayers for T-Bone’s root canal today, prayers for a leak in Beaker’s roof/siding, Prayers for fat campers in their fourth week as the weight loss challenge begins to drag on, prayers for the sword swallowers as they dig in to James 1.