Did Someone Say Dora?

Yet another Shackleton morning in the gloom at A.O. Mastodon today. The thermometer was hovering around 3oF at post time, but thankfully there wasn’t much wind. After Tuesday’s discussion about hand and toe warmers, the PAX seemed to be slightly more prepared for the cold, but YHC knew that it was important to get a good warm-up in.

Side-Straddle Hops – IC 25
Imperial Walkers – IC 20
Abe Vigodas – IC 10
Tappy Taps – IC 15
Arm Circles – IC 10 forward, 10 reverse
Seal Claps – IC 15
Merkins – IC 10

Thang 1:
Partner up and mosey to the pool parking lot. Get to know your partner a little on the mosey.
DORA 1,2,3: Each team of 2 PAX completed the following reps, alternating between reps and running a lap of the parking lot (around the snow piles).
100 Merkins
200 Little Baby Crunches
300 Air Squats
Groups held plank for the six, and then helped the last group finish their squats

Thang 2:
Find a different partner, mosey the “short mile” back to the base of Hoffa. Again, get to know your partner a little on the mosey.
HEARTBREAK 1,2,3 (modified due to time): Each team of 2 PAX completed the following reps, in similar fashion to Dora, but running up the hill instead of the circle.
50 Derkins
100 Big Boi Sit-ups
150 Standing Lunges
When Q called time, it appeared that most, if not all of the groups had completed the full rep count.

Name-o-Rama: Whittler, Cookies, Rainbow Bright, Banks, Jolly, Panhandle, Tortuga, Archive, Da Vinci, Beaker, Sparrow, SAGA, Big Mac, Crack

COT: A quote was brought to my attention this week on F3Nation’s COT podcast, talking about speaking hard truths. The link to both the newsletter (courtesy of F3 Knoxville) and the COT podcast are below, but YHC used the idea of speaking hard truths to encourage the PAX to be open and honest with each other. The COT is a place of TRUST, and we need our brothers’ support in our daily struggles. How better to receive this support than to share our struggles with each other?
Prayer requests for health and medical issues several of the PAX are facing, for wisdom, strength and patience, and that God would use the PAX to further His kingdom.

COT Podcast: https://soundcloud.com/f3nation/cot-speak-hard-truths-growruck-updates-and-notn-week-of-282021

“Speak Hard Truths” from F3Knox Weekly Download: https://mailchi.mp/671d6c1dc251/f3-knox-weekly-download-2-6-21-hardtruth-6497068?e=0bcdc4f3c5