Nolan Richardson “AKA 40 Minutes of Hell”

It was quite cold as YHC stepped out of his warm car. Filling in for TBTF I decided to do a premade workout from the exicon. Due to the weather I wanted to make sure the PAX stayed warm and the Nolan Richardson did the trick.

WOR: SSH x 20, Baby Arm Circle OYO, Picking Daisys, Michael Phelps.

The Thang: Partner workout with accumulated red. PAX #1 back pedals 50 yards, completes a Bobby Hurley, then jobs back to starting point. PAX #2 completes the exersize

150 Burpees
300 Squats
150 BBSU
300 LBAC
150 Merkins
300 Imperial Walkers

Still 10 minutes left

Thangs 2: Some bigtime mumble chatter but the PAX jogged past the Gerbil wheel and completed 15 slow cadence merkins then jogged back to the parking lot

6MOM: Slow Bicycles x 20, hands over knee LBC x 20

NOR: Shiplap (Q), Cookies, Whittler, Rainbow Bright (went to AO mastodon – sorry Rainbow Bright), Tortuga, Katniss, Noodles, Panhandle, Jolly

COT: Healthy bodies, Cookies and his new job, Whittler’s little brother turning 21

Moleskin – Find someone to trust and FIND YOUR WHY!